Blacks and Bernie


There is a reason blacks support Hillary over Bernie. There is a reason Bernie is almost even with Hillary among whites…

It makes perfect sense if you know blacks and whites.

For whites, who have never been a minority or who never had to bite their tongue in conversations with a majority different from them, know that a return back to policies of the New Deal is needed. Higher taxes on the one percent, stronger union protection laws, better voting rights enforcement and tougher regulations on very large businesses, each help tip the balance back toward those not of the 1%, who frankly, are not doing so well these days.

But for Blacks, the New Deal really didn’t do much for them. They were still segregated and ignored under Roosevelt, who didn’t want to upset his Southern backers or create a division of the country during WWII. For Blacks, nothing…

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4 responses to “Blacks and Bernie

  1. Publius e decere

    “The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race,” Chief Justice John Roberts wrote in 2007, “is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.” Kavips believes he can tell us “what whites think” and “what blacks think” which has me thinking that Kavips doesn’t want to think. He appears to only want to brandish an outdated trump card based on birth and crude tribalism rather than advocating for the virtues of personal initiative, applied motivation, self-reliance and personal responsibility.

    Of course Kenny Rogers said you got know when to hold ’em, [and] know when to fold ’em. Kavips should fold ’em.



    • lastDEconservative

      On the other hand, in a perverse sort of way, it’s good to hear from the outer reaches of the galaxy from time to time, just to see if the cosmic wind still whistles through the emptiness that is the mind of kavips.

      PS to Publius: That’s kavips, lower case, to you. And if you’re referring to the same color folks he is, please capitalize the colors. That is all.


  2. Using Chief Justice Roberts to define racism is like using Mother Theresa to define derivative securities… Neither has a clue.

    Even the best virtues of personal initiative, applied motivation, self-reliance and personal responsibility, do little good when no one will hire you because you’re black.

    And as always, it is good to see the two of you proving to all others by your dissension, I am right indeed. 🙂


  3. “It makes perfect sense if you know blacks and whites.”

    I’m so glad you have us all figured out. All of us. All of us blacks. And all of us whites.

    Wouldn’t the world be so dull if there were only a handful of different kinds of people? But I guess in your world, there are. Sadly.