Something Doesn’t Add Up With National PTA’s Intimidation Letter To Delaware PTA…

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I was thinking about this a lot the past two days.  Since I posted the National PTA “Comply Or We Will Make You” letter to the Delaware PTA, something didn’t feel quite right.  Was it the absolute absurdity and gall of National PTA, or the timing of it?

The Delaware PTA heavily advocated House Bill 50, the Delaware opt-out legislation that our cowardly weasel of a Governor vetoed last July.  When an attempt  to have our legislators do the right thing and override Markell’s veto, the Delaware PTA staged a rally outside of Legislative Hall in Dover.  This was a month and a half ago.  The very next week, the Delaware PTA announced National PTA would be coming out with a position statement against opt-out very soon.  They did so in the beginning of February.

Let us flash forward to last Wednesday.  The Wilmington Education Improvement Commission has their post-State…

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5 responses to “Something Doesn’t Add Up With National PTA’s Intimidation Letter To Delaware PTA…

  1. When the first states came out against slavery in our newly formed nation, the national boards back then all did the same and try to sanction those individual abolitionist states saying they would rock the boat and cause chaos.. That did not make slavery right.The abolitionist states were in the right.

    The national board is acting like national boards do… To change a national board’s take, you change the people sitting on the national board… That’s the only way you will get them into sync with the rest of the country.


    • Publius e decere

      Wow Kavips — equating National PTA with slavery? Really? Your Simon-Legree-like allusion rivals the uber-inappropriate-Luft recently emanating from Angos. And you wonder why this country can’t make progress with voices like yours in the mix. National PTA has a point of view, and not an unreasonable one. Live with it.



    • Perhaps I was a bit hasty. A better analogy would be to equate them with orcs, beholden to Sauraman in Lord of the Rings.. There.. that is the more appropriate analogy. Thanks for the save…


    • Just in case you are not up-to-date on your “Lord of the Rings” trivia;, that means they are indeed slaves but without substantial brains, who eat each other whenever they get hungry…


    • Yeah, you would side with National PTA Publius! You just love the Kool-Aid! And if you don’t like the comparisons Mr. I love high-stakes testing, then don’t act the part.