Is National PTA President Bay bias to state assessments? More reason Delaware PTA needs to Opt-Out of National PTA

From National PTA profiles Laura Bay

She has worked for the Bremerton School District as an educator and currently works in the district office as a coordinator for assessment and instruction. Bay and her husband make their home in Poulsbo, Washington where they enjoy time with family and friends.

OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What kind of Kool-Aid do they serve at these National PTA conferences? And just think, due paying Delaware PTA members (parents) pay the tab for those state PTA representatives to jet around the country! 


3 responses to “Is National PTA President Bay bias to state assessments? More reason Delaware PTA needs to Opt-Out of National PTA

  1. lastDEconservative

    As a lover of entertainment of many types, I tune in with equal regularity to Kilroy and the daily comic strips. Most days, Kilroy and the denizens deliver at a higher, if less subtle, dare I say, less sophisticated level.

    Comedy, it has been said, can only be comedy to the extent it is based on truth. It is with a bit of glee I report this day that Baby Blues chose PTO when referring to what would ordinarily be called the PTA in such a generic mom/dad discussion as took place in the panels.

    One wonders, does the author follow Kilroy, and is s/he joining the newest “opt-out” movement? Or, *gasp* could it be the other way ’round, that Kilroy is just waking up to the movement du jour already afoot? Or maybe it’s just one of those cosmic “hmms” that come along now and again.


  2. This is not the first time the national PTA has done something like this. When I was the Fed Legislative chair for DE PTA ten or so years ago I asked about charter schools at a national conference. The response was that the PTA supported all public schools. I responded that the law in Delaware was hurting the regular public schools and would it be possible for National to look at the various state laws and encourage a better way to go about charter schools (I was NOT advocating in this dialogue for abolishment.) The response was exactly repeated. The PTA supported all public schools and would not review charters. The speaker would not continue the discussion.
    Connie Merlet


  3. Publius e decere

    I love (not) the mature and reasoned (tongue in cheek) posts by John Young, that pecuniary three-digit-APR abuser of low income paycheck earners. He relentlessly posts on FB his annotated photos of the female national PTA leader with the “B” word prominently displayed. His wife must be proud.

    Such school-centric (not) leadership by John! Where is Eve’s outrage? Delaware Way’s outrage? Elizabeth Paige’s outrage? Ms Saffer’s cuss-‘me-out outrage? Minnehan’s outrage? Without outrage from these leaders, I have to assume that the “B” word is acceptable to these people going forward for all public discourse?

    Or, more reasonably, should John Young be censured for his childish and inFATuous arguments made by photograph and by insult? Maybe Little Kevin can come to his rescue and defend John’s misogynist and bullying tendencies. Can’t wait for the hypocrisy to begin. Would rather see a universal and resounding censure and rejection of John Young’s tactics.

    Pick your positions, Shriners. There is no neutral. You either support John Young’s misogyny or you reject it. Report in on Kilroy’s Kitchen Table, girls and boys.