Laurel School Board member Vanderslice must go!

Every traditional school district in New Castle County digitally records public session of monthly board meetings and places those recording files on the district’s webpage for all to hear! Capital and Delmar school districts does the same! These school districts “volunteered” to do so!

Delmar School District is only 8 miles from Laurel School District! So how can current Laurel School Board member Patrick Vanderslice not take notice of Delmar recording their board minutes?

OMG is this the same person

“Laurel school board member expelled from lawyers’ ranks”

Vanderslice carried out “intentional and surreptitious conduct,” made “repeated false statements,” and “breached virtually all of the ethical duties” lawyers are obliged to obey, a May 26 report of the Office of Disciplinary Counsel’s Board of Professional Responsibility said. “It is apparent to the Board that [Vanderslice] did not believe he would be caught or confronted with these four additional matters.” In all, Vanderslice admitted to diverting $3,180 in income away from the firm.

Vanderslice asked the board to recommend a two-year suspension, but the board advised the Supreme Court to disbar him, which the court did in a June 19 order.

Vanderslice said he has informed the Laurel School Board and its superintendent, Shawn Larrimore, of his disbarment. Asked if the outcome might lead him to resign from the school board, he said it would not.

“I’m no longer president of the board,” he said. “People are going to judge. I’m not going to get my whole story out there…. I practiced for 12 years, and because of an eight-month period, no longer. I still have time to do good for people in other ways. I believe the people who really know me know what the truth is.”

In all fairness to Mr. Vanderslice, he was not charged with a crime and in fact there is two sides to every story and his comments seems sincere!  “I believe the people who really know me know what the truth is”.

Mr Vanderslice, my one-man mission to see that every traditional school district, every votech district and every charter school boards record the public sessions of their board meeting is about the “truth”. I successfully pushed the legislation requiring the state board of education to record their meetings made it to law. I repeatedly requested my school district, Red Clay to record their meetings and after two years of dogging them, the did. Red Clay was the first to record board meetings by executive decision followed by Christina School District  who was the first to make it a board policy! So sir, if you’re not for such transparency, you’re not for the truth as it relates to public education. I sorry but you must go for that fact.  “I believe the people who really know me know what the truth is.” and I believe that applies to public education.

Folks, legislation has be before the legislative hall for three years. It once pasted the House Education Committee and the House Appropriation Committee to be desk-drawer vetoed by the Speaker of The House. And now a new attempted introduced last year by Rep Husdon who also introduce the first attempt, sits idle but her own hand!

The troubles within Delaware’s public education is rooted in lack of transparency as we’ve seen over and over! We see a new breed of mistrust through the clear financial crimes going unpunished is charter school operations. So, Sir your inaction allows the distrust and rape of public education funding go unchecked! So onto seeing what the other candidates positions are! Stay Tuned! 


3 responses to “Laurel School Board member Vanderslice must go!

  1. There is no recall legislation in Delaware to remove an individual elected to public office. There are but two ways to get them out: the person can resign or the governor can remove them. If the person has committed a felony they are done, but not a misdemeanor. On the Christina Board we have a member who was convicted of harassing (a misdemeanor) another district employee and that member has been asked, publicly and by petition, to step down, and has been asked via a Board Resolution to step down. But still sits in the Board seat. Board membership should not only adhere to transparency but to ethical integrity.


    • kilroysdelaware

      The power to install and uninstall board member is in the hands of the public. If Mr. Vanderslice support the truth for himself he should support the truth in public education that can only be had via full transparency. As far as Christina and Red Clay they both have comes miles in transparency. Having board members acting as free thinking independent individuals is a good thing even if they disagree among themselves or with the public. The danger is when all board member support politically driven agenda. As far as the Christina board member in question, the public has the voting power to remove.


  2. delawarepublicschoolshenanigans

    pot, meet kettle.