Live At The State Board of Education: The WEIC Vote…

Exceptional Delaware 2018

2:38pm…back in session….

Tony Allen takes the stand.  Actually, it’s a chair… He will answer questions for the State Board of Education.

Dr. Gray is asking about Question #2: concerning commitments to evidence-based practices for students from now until implementation of redistricting plan…How would these best practices and services be available to all children?

Tony Allen is answering.  Said the principals are dedicated to all students of Wilmington.

Dr. Gray is asking about a commitment from the Christina School District.  Said due to a weather delay they can’t vote on the commitment until their next meeting on February 23rd.  He is now talking about the priority schools in Christina.  He said he expects the Christina board to take that action on 2/23.

Dr. Gray is talking about the $1.3 million grant application from Christina School District for their priority schools.  Said that doesn’t have a lot to do with this…

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One response to “Live At The State Board of Education: The WEIC Vote…

  1. Harrie Ellen Minnehan

    Correction: Christina has no action (vote) item regarding WEIC on the 2/23 BOE agenda. The confusion around this was straightened out. It centered around an agreement from last March that was negotiated by DOE, Markell’
    s office, and CSD.