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OMG Exceptional Delaware Bitch-Slaps Bob A

Let It Go! Christina Referendum Calls For Change From The Past

Robert Andrzejewski, the Acting Superintendent for the Christina School District in Wilmington, led a battle cry last night to lift the district from their troubled past and send it to a bright future.

And OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kevin needs some lessons in PhotoShop ūüôā The picture of Bob A is too¬†obscene to post here! Kilroy does have morals ūüėȬ†

Bob A and I go way back and have been known to go face to face and nose to nose. I gave him an ass-ripping on the TFA deal! I have more respect for people who dare to get in my face and tell me like it is. And someday me and that punk-ass Publius is going meet and I hope its on a deep-sea fishing trip about 40 miles out :).

Bob A was a Woodcrest punk-ass growing up and didn’t have the balls to ride his bike through Bestfield where I grew up ūüôā I use to charge him a dime to get into Banning Park. But one thing I’ve always admired about Bob was, by time he was out of high school¬†in-spite¬†loosing both his parents he was there for his sister. Bob’s greatest¬†success¬†in¬†life was on the personal front. Amazing¬†perseverance! But in the scope of things we are talking public education and the impact on our children and community and yea yea close my eyes :), Bob A does care and education is his life’s calling.¬†

¬†What kind of fool would jump on a sinking ship like Christina School¬†District? But you know, at the end of the day we must think of children. In my personal opinion, the called for breaking up Christina School¬†District is deep-seeded in Governor Markell¬†hatred towards Board¬†Member¬†John Young! Jack couldn’t¬†take-down¬†the¬†mighty John Young who has the balls to sick his ass in Jack’s face and the Rodel clan. So Markell resorts to taken Christina down from under John. Lets no forget the¬†racist¬†righteous brothers who took cheap shot at John Young. And now they are little Markell lap-dog puppets! O.K. enough of that! What is going on with is pure Markell politics!¬†

The Children in Christina School¬†District need this referendum. And yep every charter school within the bounds of Christina will get a bump in local operating funds¬†via the % factor. One major concern with this referendum that may be a barrier is the¬†possibility¬†of Red Clay being given Christina city schools. Markell’s goal of breaking up Christina is a statement in itself that Christina is beyond repair! Do you¬†believe¬†that? I don’t! If Red Clay is the¬†answer¬†to¬†Christina’s problems then we need to step back and think! Bob A for good or bad in people’s mind¬†helped¬†make Red Clay the¬†most diversified school district in the state. Some might not believe this but Bob A and I would have breakfast and coffee¬†discussing future plans. Such as with Conrad, DMA and my favorite Title 1. Old Kilroy use to be the Chairperson of Red Clay’s Title 1 Parent Advisory Board and you can bet your ass the heat was on Bob! Title 1 parents did have a say during Bob’s leadership. The question before the house is, does Bob A have the right stuff to move¬†Christina is a new and improve direction? Does Bob A have the right stuff to respect¬†aggressive¬†board members like John Young?¬†Or does Bob want passive kiss ass board members! Personally, I think with Bob A’s skills and John Young’s clear vision as to the impact of federal and state¬†intrusions just might improve Christina.¬†

Would I vote for the referendum if I lived in Christina School¬†District? I probably would. I can’t see punishing children for Christina’s trouble all related to Markell’s wrongheaded agenda and his suck-ass city lap-dogs!

Christina is on the verge of¬†bankruptcy which would force a state takeover. Can you say charter school¬†district! Folks take a look at the charter schools serving high¬†poverty¬†children! They are the one being ordered closed! They are the ones being ¬†$$$$$ raped by their leaders!¬†¬†The best bet is getting¬†Christina¬†back on it’s feet

We always here how referendum are for the kids. However, I think Christina’s is the real deal! Because without more funds serious¬†programming¬†cuts¬†impacting children will happen.¬†Hey Kevin! Sorry about the blog post title! Just want a good hook-in !¬†