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Should parents be compensated for their active role in promoting public school referendums?

The question before the house is, should parents be paid $$$ directly or indirectly for their role in promoting or consulting referendum steering committees? 


Will The Community Education Building Shut Down? Not Looking Good…

Exceptional Delaware

The Community Education Building is a building in Wilmington that was donated by Bank Of America about five years ago to hold up to four Delaware charter schools in downtown Wilmington.  With only three charters in the building and one of them looking to leave, how long can the property sustain itself?  According to the Kuumba Academy board minutes from December, the situation is beginning to look a bit dire.  They can’t even afford to stay open past 8pm in the evening or a proper playground for the elementary school students there.  Both of which, as noted by Kuumba and Academia Alonso parents, is making the school less than desirable for its tenants.  The other tenant, Great Oaks Wilmington, is not too forthcoming in their board minutes.  This could actually explain a few things.

So either the CEB is choking on its own financial weight and will eventually shut down…

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Delaware isn’t transparent in reporting bad teachers , The News Journal

The Delaware Department of Education won’t reveal what’s led to teacher discipline.

A nationwide survey that tracks how states handle teacher discipline – and how they share those records with other states – showed that while Delaware participates fully in a national indexing system, it does not make its records available for public scrutiny.

Delaware has suspended or revoked the licenses of dozens of educators over the last two decades and has given that information to an organization, the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification, that records and shares it with districts across the country so that districts can check the background of a teacher before making hiring decisions.

Those records, however, are not open to the public in the First State.

“There should be a certain level of transparency,” Hodges said, arguing that the teachers’ records should be publicly accessible after the investigation is finished and parents should be notified. As it stands now, she said, the system is tilted toward protecting teachers.

School district and DE DOE hides behind the confidentiality of legal and personal matters!

Delaware has the online DEEDS feature where parents and the community cane check the credentials of teachers  and see in the case of those teachers featured in this articel re: revoke credentials. There NOTHING stopping DE DOE from adding to Revoke notations such as criminal convictions such as “felony” with notation of what they were convicted of. This would not break the law or infringe on confidentiality protection laws. The road block to such public information “enhancements” is people like Representative Debbie Hudson and Rep Valeria Longhurst. Folks the technology platform is in place.

We don’t need to go on a witch-hunt and demoralize all Delaware professional teachers. We just need to make sure we have the data base to identifies those teacher that have been convicted of crimes and what the convictions were.