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State Board of Education supporting redistricting will be catalyst for the elimination senior citizens school tax discounts

Inside intel is saying the Delaware State Board of Education will vote yes and approve the WEIC plan. 

Folks you’ll see a plan present laced with “one time” funding and new funding but it want be sustainable.

Red Clay will be forced to go to referendum for additional operation and capital funds. We’re talking mega referendums in the millions. At the end of the day you’ll see a call for ending senior citizen school tax discounts!

Red Clay school board all but one took the cowards way out with their so-called conditional approve if funding can be identified. The state board is poised to vote yes and there ain’t shit Red Clay’s board can do about it! We’ll hear the lame-ass game our hands are tie! You’ll need to call you state legislators.

Get this! Red Clay is walking into the dark in regards of capital improvements needed on the Christina’s schools they’ll inherit! You’ll look at every bit on 125 million dollars in repairs and upgrades in the building infrastructure. Does the WEIC plan identify funding for capital needs? HELL NO !

The millions of dollars of “new money” and other money could be better spent putting boots on the ground aka more teachers and more paraprofessional in high needs schools to effectively lower class sizes.

One state board member will vote “no” ! The rest will vote yes for master Jack Markell. Jack’s been working the board!  

Folks the problem isn’t the location of a school building or it’s poverty level. The problem is, the lack of equity in the high needs schools. More teachers and paraprofessionals are the key to raising student achievement not a Jack Markell seeded agenda with civil rights sell-outs by his side! 

Delaware Gov Markell caught having sex with the Tooth Fairy

Putting former DuPont employees back to work , The News Journal

“My administration is committed to a multifaceted approach that supports all DuPonters with opportunities to continue to thrive in Delaware’s workforce,” Gov. Jack Markell said Friday.

If you believe this crock of shit, you must believe in the Tooth Fairy. “Multifaceted” is code of, I don’y have a clue!