Gov Markell apologizes for slavery but can’t walk the talk!

Editorial: Does an apology accomplish anything? The News Journal

Gov. Jack Markell on Wednesday signed a resolution that officially apologized for Delaware’s role in slavery. It was perfect timing. For one, it’s Black History Month. And two, this year marks the 125th anniversary of Delaware State University’s, a historical black college.

What a cracker-jack Governor Markell is! He bundles all the blackness in one month. He tactfully set the timing of his signing of this resolution to get more bang for the buck!

If Governor Markell were serious about an apology he’d end the charter school admission discrimination such as the specific interest! If charters school were “public schools” none would have doors locking out at-risk children.

What about preferential choice transportation JACK? Leveling the playing field would help reduce de facto segregation. 

Then there is the Markell Administration Plantation. 

Pastors: Markell should fire bosses accused of racism Karl Baker, The News Journal

A group of African-American Delaware ministers and NAACP officials on Wednesday said responsibility for ending discrimination in the state Department of Labor is with Gov. Jack Markell and not Patrice Gilliam-Johnson, whose nomination as head of the embattled agency was approved by the Senate on Wednesday.

“Because this is a law-breaking issue, it should be handled before her first day on the job,” said the Rev. Christopher Curry, a member of the Committee on Racism in State Government.


Black leaders claim ‘culture of racism’ flourishes in Delaware government ; Delaware State News August 29, 2015 · by

DOVER — Many black men and women employed by the state of Delaware do not feel comfortable in the workplace environment, religious and community leaders allege.

They claim a culture of discrimination exists, where black employees are sometimes unfairly passed over for promotions, where they must endure racial insults, and where they are punished if they report improper treatment.

To that end, leaders from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Interdenominational Ministers Alliance and Interdenominational Ministers Action Council have formed a committee to hear complaints of racism from state workers.

You know Jack! Sometimes I am sorry just doesn’t cut it! Walk the talk!!!!!

“Governor Markell gives us Chicken wings and soda, and that’s all we get from him”



16 responses to “Gov Markell apologizes for slavery but can’t walk the talk!

  1. Publius e decere

    Big Kilroy: Despite your striving, you are not black.

    Little Kevin: Despite your striving, you are not “why we fight”

    “The People” choose the public will. Not what The Governaor tells them to think. Not what a blogger tells them what to think. Especially not a blogger from Dover with no cattle but with a shopworn ballcap.

    The People vote their will in the quiet of the booth. As a proxy, just look at where people send their children to school.

    “Leaders” in the “traditional” system often act on different imperatives than their rhetoric might suggest. Which of them have kids in charter schools? Magnet schools? Private schools? Parochial schools? Rather than impale them for ideologic perfidy, why not recognize their decisions as evidence of the reality we must deal with? Why not respect their decisions and incorporate their motivations into public policy?

    Here is a first-step: Assume that everyone in the dialog is in good faith and has an honest reason for their views. If the current environment of attack-vilification persists, then we wil get nowhere.

    People should be heard and considered:

    . Who advocate for special needs
    . Who advocate for low income students
    . Who advocate for ELL students
    . Who advocate for orderly schoo environments
    . Who advocate for super-rigorous schools environments
    . Who advocate for intelligently-differentiated schools
    . Who advocate for intelligently intra-school differentiated programs

    — who advocate in the absolute, and not at the expense of others
    — without being excoriated, disrespected or marginalized.

    Being heard and considered does not mean being accepted without examination and debate. Advocates need to stop using the proverbial “high needs child” as an inviolable ideal when arguing a point of public allocation. We are all trying to to the right thing, we may not agree on the tactics but we can compromise.

    Now having said that — 🙂



  2. lastDEconservative

    Once again, legions of black children have been told that expectations for them are (rightfully) low, that (even average) performance is not required, and that they won’t be faulted for climbing into and staying in the hammock (not even for liberating a few items from my house for their house). “Tsk, tsk, little one, you can’t do it (so don’t bother trying), but it’s okay, it’s not your fault, it’s the fault of history, and I, I, I, benevolent and omnipresent government, will do, do, do for you, because you cannot. “Excuse me a moment while I condemn some white folks who lived hundreds of years ago. I’ll be right back with a sandwich, a lowered bar, and a laundry bag.”

    Tell me again, who is evil?


  3. lastDEconservative

    By the way, I was present (if not accounted for) at the chicken wings and soda event. George Lucas would have tipped his hat to the better representation of the point he was trying to make with the Star Wars bar scene.


  4. Call me a skeptic but “apologizing” for something that happened 150 years ago and 100 years before you were born would seem to lack… sincerity. I guess that’s the word.
    Slavery happened. It was a place, a time etc. it is not something that can be or needs to be apologized for. Stupid


  5. Based on the video above, I can’t think for a minute that the gentleman speaking would want an apology from this governor. I think what he wants is something else.


  6. I would love some chicken wings and soda!!! sounds good right about now!