Breaking News: Newark Charter School Let Her In The Lottery!!!!

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I just heard from the father of the daughter with a rare disability that Newark Charter School’s admissions office is letting his daughter into their lottery.  This is good news, and I’m glad for everyone who reached out to Greg Meece at Newark Charter School.  I got an email this morning from someone in Florida who emailed Meece!  While this is not a guarantee she will be accepted into the school, she has a chance which is all the parents wanted based on her very unique situation.  From what I’m hearing, there were 3,500 applicants and only 80 slots are open.  The school has 190 Kindergarten students, but because of their enrollment preference that siblings get first dibs, that filled 110 slots already.

I wish this family all the luck in the world and I look forward to hearing the outcome.  There are still some questions regarding the admission policy…

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5 responses to “Breaking News: Newark Charter School Let Her In The Lottery!!!!

  1. I just heard from the parents. Their daughter is 160 on the waiting list for Kindergarten. I think they expected that to happen, but they are very happy they got the chance.


  2. lastDEconservative

    “Newark Charter School’s admissions office is letting his daughter into their lottery.”

    Well, the candidate pool for single strong principled leader to drag government schooling (not education) out of the morass just went down by one. Again.


  3. Because their school board passed a policy that is potentially illegal under ADA, IDEA, Delaware State Code, and Federal Law? Because a student with disabilities got into their lottery? Because they caved to the pressure brought down upon them?


  4. lastDEconservative

    Meanwhile, “Time Running Out to Register: Personalized Learning Workshop,” my email index shouts on behalf of Rodel !

    “Workshops will cover strategies and resources to personalize your instruction for all students. Kerry Gallagher, a digital learning specialist at St. John’s Prep in Danvers, Massachusetts, will deliver a keynote address about integrating technology into the classroom to deepen personal connections with students.”

    So many questions. If not how to teach -individual- students, what ARE the teacher schools teaching teachers? Why out of town experts — aren’t we choking on our own home grown experts? And the begging question of them all: technology -devices- in the classroom to deepen -personal- connections — really? Oh, my, a followup question if I may … are those who matriculate into the teachers schools doing so because they are already brain dead and incapable of discernment, or do they come out that way?

    And wait, what’s this, Delaware Pathways is happening in only 13 days. This group of course is dedicated to dedicating a certain percentage of young unlimited lives to protraction by the necessary evil of coding. It’s a small price to pay. “We” need coders to live mushroom lives so the rest of us can order Shari’s Berries on our cell phones.