Thanks to Copeland , Pete Schwartzkopf has the Speaker’s job for life

House Speaker Pete Schwartzkopf amasses power in Dover James The News Journal

The most powerful Democratic legislator in the Delaware House of Representatives, Pete Schwartzkopf, has never faced a challenger in a primary election since taking office in 2002. Since 2010, he has not had to fend off a Republican candidate seeking his seat, either.

Delaware’s GOP Chair Copeland has driven the party so far right it dropped off the cliff. There is no viable Delaware Republican Party! Independent and disenfranchised Republicans have no voice are faced with sitting out another election.
Schwartzkopf is powerful controlling the House Agenda. Nothing gets voted on by the House unless Pete gives the green light. So it is what it is! Delaware’s quality of life continues to erode. Charter schools are robbing the public blind and not one charter thief has been arrested. Legislative hall continues same old same old, its not who you know but who you blow ! We can only wait out the changing of the guard  in Dover and just hope the next batch is better than the last.
Copeland is too busy pushing the agenda Don’t Support Trump and is content with Schwartzkopf! If Delaware Republicans want to regain their footing perhaps the best place to start is to fire Copeland. 

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