DE DOE Jenny sleeps as Delaware charter schools robs taxpayers

Audit finds Providence Creek school leaders misused funds , The News Journal 4:32 p.m. EST January 27, 2016

“Our inspection identified over $247,000 in various personal purchases, unsupported transactions, and non-compliance from July 1, 2011, through Dec. 31, 2014,” said State Auditor Tom Wagner Jr., in a statement.

The charter school’s “deficient fiscal operations and close network of personnel” led to the misuse of funds, according to the report.

Investigation into the charter school, which serves students in Kindergarten through eighth grade, began after a tip was received on the state’s fraud hotline. The Department of Education also contacted the state auditor.

Here we go AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

736 Local School District and Charter School Citizen Budget Oversight Committees

4.0 Committee Members for Charter Schools

4.2 The Committee shall have at least five (5) members with representation from educators and parents of students in the school and representation from the Department of Education. In addition, where possible, the Committee shall have at least two members with formal educational or vocational backgrounds amenable to oversight of school district financial statements. Further provided, Committee members shall not be compensated, except for allowable mileage for training or similar activities, for participation on such Committee.

FYI the representation for the Department of Education is not an observer but committee member! How is it possible we keep seeing this shit with DE DOE sitting at the table? Why isn’t the CBOC reviewing credit-card purchases  and overall monthly expenditures?

Good old Delaware! Laws are created for the people and don’t apply to government and it’s agencies! Will AG Matt Denn bring formal charges to any of these thieving bastards feeding of school funds? 



7 responses to “DE DOE Jenny sleeps as Delaware charter schools robs taxpayers

  1. We are robbed of money, while our children are denied education. Yet nothing changes. Stay cool, don’t get emotional.


  2. lastDEconservative

    Yaaaaaaaaawn. Aaaaaaaagain. $247,000. What’s that, one year of utter failure of ONE superintendent and ONE lieutenant in ONE distract? “Here we go again,” indeed. Screaming about a pinpricked toe on an abscessed body heaving against two collapsed lungs, infecting everything in sight.

    Note to Publius. Maybe some action on CSD’s while elephant structure will come with a “tip to the state’s fraud hotline.” I’m thinking to call in a couple DelDOT curiosities now that I know such an entity exists. Maybe.they.don’t.know. 😉


  3. Why hasn’t ANYONE gone to jail?

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  4. The issue isn’t jail, it’s why the DOE is still around. A useless organization that piles on already overwhelmed districts.

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  5. Because schools consistently receive instructions from DOE, Division of Accounting {DOA}, and OMB that they may use their local funds as they deem appropriate, which is inconsistent with laws and regulations.

    It’s only hard working property owners money, spend as you deem appropriate.

    Years ago a district closed a school, for years they received custodians, when caught they had to pay back the custodians state compensation. They were told, use local funds to pay back the state.


  6. In other news, Chicago school teachers’ union rejects offer claiming intimidation when the City/ state tell them there aren’t sufficient funds to pay all their pensions, healthcare and salaries. God forbid the teachers shoulder an additional burden of their 401k and healthcare costs that all NON state workers deal with especially when Obamacare went into affect.

    Incredible that the city and all it’s platitudes, staff and expertise can’t just tax the crap out of more of the residents to pay for all these union benefits that most employees don’t have.Oh that’s right, the cities have more takers than contributors. Where’s the city auditor when you need them to tell everyone they’re over committed and under supplied with revenue? They have a net negative cash flow but can’t stop promising things to their constituents/ Democrat leaning voting blocks. Maybe Bernie Sanders could go in there and make sure all their healthcare, childcare, children’s laundering and college is paid for by “other people”. Given the fact his own supporters can’t define socialism, he could lie to everybody and they’d believe him. Can you feel the “Bern”?

    Sound familiar Wilmington? Heaven forbid Delaware state/ city workers assume the healthcare rate increases that everyone else got hit with 2 years ago. Incredible that suburbanites should be resistant to further subsidize Wilmington’s schools and police. How selfish of them. They are truly stupid for not supporting Murder capital. We just need to pay for a few more committees and consultants and Wilmington will be “righted”. Only Elitists would expect the City to be self sufficient and financially capable of keeping its staff and services running while protecting its residents from crime and violence.

    It’s the Charter schools’ fault right? All those “skimmed” kids should stay in TPS’s so they (their educational dollars) could pay for services they’re not receiving in TPS’s.


    • lastDEconservative

      M, I’m gonna practice being a substitute teacher as I’ve been directed on another thread. I’ll assume that your stupid, selfish, elitist self is of age to be at least in high school, and this treatise would be considered an essay assignment, not a term paper. Therefore, I give you a … B+. You missed A- by this much: It’s .”, not “. I would have taken off points for that capital E Elitists, but I didn’t, as equity demands I consider your life position and worldview in such elections. John?