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DE DOE Jenny sleeps as Delaware charter schools robs taxpayers

Audit finds Providence Creek school leaders misused funds , The News Journal 4:32 p.m. EST January 27, 2016

“Our inspection identified over $247,000 in various personal purchases, unsupported transactions, and non-compliance from July 1, 2011, through Dec. 31, 2014,” said State Auditor Tom Wagner Jr., in a statement.

The charter school’s “deficient fiscal operations and close network of personnel” led to the misuse of funds, according to the report.

Investigation into the charter school, which serves students in Kindergarten through eighth grade, began after a tip was received on the state’s fraud hotline. The Department of Education also contacted the state auditor.

Here we go AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

736 Local School District and Charter School Citizen Budget Oversight Committees

4.0 Committee Members for Charter Schools

4.2 The Committee shall have at least five (5) members with representation from educators and parents of students in the school and representation from the Department of Education. In addition, where possible, the Committee shall have at least two members with formal educational or vocational backgrounds amenable to oversight of school district financial statements. Further provided, Committee members shall not be compensated, except for allowable mileage for training or similar activities, for participation on such Committee.

FYI the representation for the Department of Education is not an observer but committee member! How is it possible we keep seeing this shit with DE DOE sitting at the table? Why isn’t the CBOC reviewing credit-card purchases  and overall monthly expenditures?

Good old Delaware! Laws are created for the people and don’t apply to government and it’s agencies! Will AG Matt Denn bring formal charges to any of these thieving bastards feeding of school funds?