Stay off the roads to allow emergency crews full access

Folks those state and private employee clearing our road, highway and parking lots have been work long hours and many will tire. Our police and other emergency workers including utilities emergency crews need full access.

Though this blizzard isn’t the worst Delaware has seen but we are a growing state with many more miles of roads and highways and people.

It’s not too often I can say I am proud of Delaware Governor Jack Markell bit his actions in raising the State of Emergency to Level 2 does put lives before profit. Many workers in Delaware are often faced with braving the roads to appease their employers and the Delaware way is, “we’ll be disappointed in you if you can’t make it into work” aka code for we’ll get you later!

Please check on you elderly neighbors and help dig them out! Don’t worry about Pubilus he is well stock with Maker’s Mark 46. I hear he received an entire case of it for his support for Delaware charter schools ;).   


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