Faith no more ?


Joseph A. Weeks, Jr. (11-23-15)

Faith Newton (1-22-16)

So we now have school board race in Red Clay “F”! Mr. Weeks! Who are you? Where do you come from? 

Personally my vote is for Faith and honestly, if Merv moves on, I think Faith would make a great superintendent.

So keep it clean! How would you rate Faith’s Red Clay School Board performance?

What would like to know about Mr Weeks Jr ?  


2 responses to “Faith no more ?

  1. lastDEconservative

    “How would you rate Faith’s Red Clay School Board performance?”

    Might I suggest perusing Rodel’s brand new propaganda piece, “2015-16 Delaware Schooling (not Education) at a Glance”? There are all manner of charts and graphs purporting (purporting) to memorialize what is and has been going on in all the “distracts” (M, you’ve changed my life with this one!) on various absolute and comparative bases. A small ability to discern will provide fodder for making such a rating as Kilroy requests.

    Unless, that is, you don’t want her associated with the Distract’s results or accomplishments. In which case, of course, fall in with the head denizen and insist she be promoted to a -paid- position in the educracy.


  2. I read through that DOE Copy and Paste job, and it is horrible. Government schooling is right Last. They will take our children all day if they can. Hopefully the return of X-Files will cause America to wake up and find the truth! 😉