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Former Newark Charter School board of director is trying to box Rep Williams in the corner

Delaware lawmakers spar over charter school audit bills , The News Journal

State Rep. Kim Williams, D-Newport, and Sen. Dave Sokola, D-Newark, have proposed differing bills over how charter schools are audited.

State Rep. Kim Williams, D-Newport, wants the state auditor to select and oversee the firms that do the annual financial reports of charter schools. Currently, charter school boards work out those contracts themselves.

“We should be doing everything we can to ensure that the taxpayers’ money is not being misused,” Williams said.

But state Sen. Dave Sokola, D-Newark, has instead proposed a bill he says would strengthen the existing laws to clarify and tighten up the expectations for charter audits.

Expectations for charter audits ??? What find a better way to steal from the taxpayers? Rep Williams is on the mark, independent audits.

 “It just seemed to me that the high-performing charters that are doing a very good job with their finances are going to have to spend more money, and they’re already doing what they’re supposed to,” Sokola said. “The charters who might be struggling need more guidance and clarity.”

Dave , the law is fucked up! DE DOE has representatives as participating members of the CBOC per law! And yet even with them at the table the taxpayers are getting robbed! Moyer when unchecked, their AMX card! And then there was the shady land deal!

Hey Dave Sokola, many people don’t know you were one of the first board of directors for Newark Charter! Dave, you don’t give a shit about traditional public education!