Teri Hodges calls! Votes were about power-playing! WTF YJ We’re happy re: Compromise ?

Veto override on testing opt-out fails in House Matthew Albright, The News Journal

Yvonne Johnson, the PTA’s vice president of advocacy, said she was upset that Kowalko’s bill failed, but said Miro’s resolution could end up protecting some of the same rights.

“I believe that, if the resolution is really treated seriously, it could be a good compromise,” she said. “We’re happy that they’ve come up with something to please parents, but we need to follow through.”

“There are a lot of representatives whose votes were about power-playing and not about the substance of the bill,” said Teri Hodges, the PTA’s president.

“I think it will be an interesting November,” she added, referencing the fact that House members are up for re-election this year.

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