Call to arms! Mike Ramone to be political sacrificial lamb

Today Delaware State Rep Mike Ramone decided not to vote on a motion to suspend the house rules to move forward re: Opt-out veto override. Ramone is a political pussy! He plays the fence and sucks up to Delaware PTA at the same time. I strongly urge the Delaware PTA to cut ties with State Rep Mike Ramone and isolated his ass!

Folks we can’t beat Dover! I am not happy one bit with those who oppose the veto override. But at least they voted and stamped their name on “their” Yes or No.  You can bet Mike Ramone will have some lame ass reason why he took the position not to vote! 

It looks like the only way parents can reestablish their power is to isolate legislators one by one and vote them out of office. Mike Ramone has sold his soul to special interest that don’t include parents. We need to find a candidate that has integrity who can at least take a position! It easier to explain you yes or no vote than no vote.    


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