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Delaware PTA Pres.Teri Hodges is amazing leader

Veto override on testing opt-out fails in House Matthew Albright, The News Journal

“There are a lot of representatives whose votes were about power-playing and not about the substance of the bill,” said Teri Hodges, the PTA’s president.

“I think it will be an interesting November,” she added, referencing the fact that House members are up for re-election this year.

Teri brings fresh hopes in parents regaining rightful local voice and power. Today Delaware witness the Delaware way where political self-preservation rules the day! The leader of the pack was Delaware State Representative Mike Ramone. He’ll sellout parents to protect his so-called small business profits.

Teri, I just want to thank you for staying true to who you are! There is not “I” in team and you sure are proving that!    

Call to arms! Mike Ramone to be political sacrificial lamb

Today Delaware State Rep Mike Ramone decided not to vote on a motion to suspend the house rules to move forward re: Opt-out veto override. Ramone is a political pussy! He plays the fence and sucks up to Delaware PTA at the same time. I strongly urge the Delaware PTA to cut ties with State Rep Mike Ramone and isolated his ass!

Folks we can’t beat Dover! I am not happy one bit with those who oppose the veto override. But at least they voted and stamped their name on “their” Yes or No.  You can bet Mike Ramone will have some lame ass reason why he took the position not to vote! 

It looks like the only way parents can reestablish their power is to isolate legislators one by one and vote them out of office. Mike Ramone has sold his soul to special interest that don’t include parents. We need to find a candidate that has integrity who can at least take a position! It easier to explain you yes or no vote than no vote.    


House Republicans Try To Save Face With Useless Resolution About Opt-Out

Exceptional Delaware

The House Republicans, aside from one yes vote, are trying to save face by proposing a House Resolution directing the Secretary of Education to come up with opt-out policies for districts to abide by.  The resolution would call for these policies by May 1st, well into the testing window for Smarter Balanced.  I’m hearing the Republicans in the House want the corporate tax bill, House Bill 235, and made side deals to vote no on the suspension of rules for House Bill 50.  They know their House Resolution is useless, but they want to look good for the voting public come election day.

First off, a House Resolution is not enforceable at all.  Legislative resolutions typically apply to the rules of the chamber, the House or Senate.  It does absolutely nothing.  They want to attempt to shove a House Bill regarding opt-out and accountability that will sit in a committee…

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