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Rep Val Longhurst forgets who cleans her office at the end of the day

148th General Assembly

House Bill 240

Primary Sponsor(s):


Additional Sponsor(s):    Rep. Heffernan & Sen. Poore & Sen. McDowell Reps. Bolden Brady Carson Jaques J. Johnson Lynn Matthews Mitchell Osienski Paradee Potter Schwartzkopf M. Smith Viola Sens. Blevins Bushweller Ennis Hall-Long Henry Marshall McBride Peterson Sokola Townsend

This bill establishes the Statewide Afterschool Initiative Learning Program. The Program will provide grants to public schools, that qualify as Title I schools, to develop afterschool engagement of students that will provide extended learning, homework assistance, enrichment, and nutrition.

After school hours, from 3-6 pm, is the most dangerous time for youth and crime, accounting for the peak time for youth to commit crimes or become victims of crimes. 11.3 million children are unsupervised in the United States after school. 28,292 kids in Delaware are on their own during the hours after school.

What a dumbass! After-school program for Title 1 students aka high poverty to keep them safe while mom and or dad are still at work, 3-6 p.m.. Doesn’t this lady have any fucking clue who mops-up, picks-up, cleans-up and makes sure all is in order for the white slave masters come morning? Also, the kids spend all fucking day in school and you want to add three more hours. “Peak time for youth to commit crimes” ! So keep all the black kids after schools so not to victimize whites! “Victim of crimes” !! They are victimized every morning they walk through the front door of their schools thanks to Governor Markell’s wrongheaded education agenda!

Val, I don’t see the fiscal note $$$$$. Once again state seed-money for two-years than more programs on the backs of local taxpayers!  

Val, WTF are you doing! Doesn’t it make sense to wait until we see what happens with the Red Clay takeover of Christina’s schools?

Val, where is the transparency ?? You blocked legislation to require school boards to record board meeting! And who will be running these after school programs? Markell lap-dog minorities who stand shoulder to shoulder with him when he lies to parents. What about the Opt-Out Val? Folks, some of  these people are so fucked up in Dover! We need more reading teachers during the day not bullshit lego clubs after school. Val, if we can’t get it right during the day when students are rested what the F do you think we’ll do after school?