Red Clay teachers stands with parents and not Governor Markell

From Mike Matthews Facebook

At tonight’s Representative Council, the Red Clay Education Association took an official position of support for the legislature to override Gov. Jack Markell‘s veto of HB 50, the Parent Opt Out Bill

Lets hope our state legislators support parents and teachers in this matter! No word from DSEA!!! Looks like the mother-ship went flat-line.  


10 responses to “Red Clay teachers stands with parents and not Governor Markell

  1. On behalf of all parents and children in Delaware, thank you Mike Matthews and the RCEA. See you on Thursday in the march to victory.
    Representative John Kowalko


  2. lastDEconservative

    It’s a shame that none of this debate matters. Over at Rodel, the machine (and Internationalism, aka America is awful) grinds on. Give it up.

    Education Myth: American Students are Over-tested
    Andreas Schleicher, Paris-based international education expert, and member of Rodel’s International Advisory Group, says most nations give their students more standardized tests than the United States does.


    • You have no idea how overtested our kids are. They are at the point where they just don’t care to give any effort any more. The gobs of data are not useless.


  3. lastDEconservative, Instead of incessantly complaining about all this, why don’t you DO something about it. It is more than obvious you are well aware of what is going on. Yet you fight those who attempt to stop it. I don’t get it. Letting these train wrecks happen does nothing to help it go away.


    • Publius e decere

      I think LDC appears to be letting the shrill voices of the minority “appear to” define the debate … in a perversely accurate and devious metaphor. When LDC doesn’t give me an Excedrin Headache, she/he makes a lot of sense in a complicated yet linear way.

      Let us consider the myriad slogans appended to parochial causes:

      “Patriot Act”
      “No Child Left Behind”
      “Every Student Succeeds”
      “Exceptional students” (aren’t they all?)

      And my all-time favorite: “Kilroy Was Here – The Post-War Generation”

      Are these misfit toys merely marketing-cousins who are cut from the same Madison Avenue cloth?

      My advice to the shrill:
      Fly right
      Focus on results
      Demand more (from all)
      Enable more (for all)



    • lastDEconservative

      Wow, OK must have taken his Discernment pill one day this week! Yep, it’s true, I am “well aware of what is going on.” Very well aware. But your must remember to take your pills -every- day so you won’t make idiotic remarks intimating that ol’ last is fighting those attempting to stop the lunacy that is government schooling (not education). Where on earth does that come from?

      You’ve been following me plenty long enough to remember from one day to the next that my mission is to point out “what’s really going on” to those passers by who might be wake-able, or teetering on the edge of discernment. The noise makers like you and Kilroy and Kwacko provide a convenient foil for my “devious metaphors” (thanks, Pub, for the high praise and your usual display of the joy of recognition so absent in our average Kilroy denizen).

      How many moons ago did I first point to the imminent demise of the current Next Big Thing and the dawn of the next Next Big Thing? It has to be two years now since I told you and the denizens at large that the edustablishment was soon to -join- you in railing about CC/SBAC, etc. I sat in the room as the aforementioned super-socialist darling Andreas Schleicher brought the Rodel/Kwacko/Union cabal to orgasmic levels with his anti-American diatribe — and did it both from 30,000 feet with soaring rhetoric and at street level with charts and graphs and a neato laser pointer. I thought I was on the lit side of the veil being watched by Alan Funt. This (relatively small) event was held just for this purpose, to put a few drops of poison in the well.

      (Side note: did you ever wonder why Rodel has an International Advisory Committee?)

      Scroll forward a half year or so, to the fall gathering of the Evil Ones, and who is the keynote speaker? Can’t recall the name, but the message was the same — America is a pathetic, pitiful and just plain awful steward of the lives of the young, and — and — redemption can only come *NOT* BY A *RETURN* TO THE LONG ABANDONED PROPER AMERICAN WAY BUT BY THE IMMEDIATE AND WHOLESALE ADOPTION OF THE METHODOLOGY OF VIRTUALLY ANY FOREIGN COUNTRY. And the audience, last excluded? Fawning. Oohing and aahing. Glowing in the newfound knowledge of all the terrible things they had done in the name of the US of A, building their determination to compensate for their past misdeeds by becoming Finns in absentia, or Swahilians by adoption. PUKE.

      You, sir, are letting this stuff happen. Train your firepower at a target that matters. I’ll happily continue to point them out to you.


  4. Kevin, how do you know what LastDel does or doesn’t do outside of commenting on here?


  5. The only way I know my kids are ‘over-tested’ is because I read it on this blog. 😀