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Delaware Gov Markell burning midnight oil to shutdown Opt-Out Veto @washington post @huffingtonpost @TheFIREorg @DEStateBoardEd @delawareonline @FOX29philly @WSJ @CNBC @CNN

I am getting intell that Governor Markell is working the phones and wallet to gain support to block Rep Kowalko’s plan to suspend the rules and move forward on a Opt-out veto override!

Word has it DSEA is in stand-down mode re: not to stoke the flames of parents and those in the community pushing for the Veto override! So where are our district level union reps on the issue? Will they come into the fold with DSEA?

Folks the heart and soul of the parent opt-out movement (seeded with the help of labor) is about local control and standing against federal intrusion though puppet Makell third reich.

I just hope Delaware PTA has the courage to overcoming some weak-knees. DE PTA PRES Terri Hodges, no matter the end game thank you for showing such bold leadership and being true to who you are! Your up-against the Delaware way now and the game because politics where parents don’t matter. It’s a Markell political hardball game now and all must drop and kiss is ass! 

Here is the vote list for passage of H.B. 50 that call for parents rights to opt-out their children re: state testing, the one Governor Markell vetoed. This week a motion in Delaware State House of Representative will be made to suspend the rules and call for the veto override. You get to see the cowards re: flip-flop vote that will block the moment to override Markell’s Veto 

HB 50 Roll Call

May 7, 2015 

Charles Potter Jr        YES

Stephanie Bolden     ABSENT

Helen M Keeley         YES

Gerlad L Brady           YES

Debra J Heffernan     YES

Bryon Short                YES

S.Quinton Johnson   YES

Kevin Hensley            YES

Sean Matthews         YES

Jeffrey Speigelman   YES

Deborah Hudson        YES

John Mitchell Jr          YES

Peter Schwartzkopf    YES

Valerie Longhurst        YES

James Johnson             YES

Michael Mulrooney     YES

Michael Barbieri           NO

Kimberly Williams       YES

Stephen Smyk               YES

Michael Ramone         YES

Joseph Miro                 YES

Paul Baumbach           YES

Edward S Osienski      YES

John A Kowalko          YES

John Viola                     YES

Earl Jacques                 NO

William Carson            YES

Trey Paradee                YES

Bobby Outten              YES

Sean Lynn                     YES

Andria Bennett            YES

Harold J Peterman  ABSENT

Lyndon Yearick             YES      

David Wilson                 YES

Harvey Kenton              YES

Ruth King                        YES

Ronald Gray                    YES

Daniel Short                    YES

Timothy Dukes               NO

Richard Collins                YES 

There will be an attempt to block the call for a roll call on the Veto override. Nervous legislators are worried the public will see which legislators  supported H.B. # 50 and now protecting Governor Markell by blocking the attempt to override his veto.  Folks it will be hard to vote those legislator will flip-flop their vote. However, I think we can take-down three at a time this election cycle by coming together and persuade others not to vote for them.  

Its a real sad time in Delaware when one minute legislators support the parent Opt-out movement the kiss Governor Markell to protect his integrity. The establishment of our free government was by the people for the people. Howe as you’ll the with this weeks movement to override Markell’s veto it will be FUCK THE PEOPLE.