Is DSEA rolling Delaware PTA under the bus? Re: Opt-out

Go see what Exceptional Delaware is spitting out OMG !

Folks Jack Markell is making his phone and wine and dine round to stave off the Opt-Out override! Markell obviously doesn’t give a shit about the voice of the Delaware PTA and the consensus of parents in the community! So ironic, the voice of the people aka legislators went to bat for parents only to be veto by Governor Markell!

Markell just threw a bone to labor with the 11th graders only being required to take SAT not Smarter Balance. That in itself skews the shit out of longitude data analysis. The chessboard is clear of all the PTA / Parent pawns and now in a stalemate dance! Markell leaves office with his ass and a bag full of lie proclaiming he reformed Delaware public schools. Labor gets a win in nailing the final nail in the coffin of not holding teachers accountable to student performance on the state standardized  test!

Delaware PTA should take a stance and tell individual state legislators are you with us or against us? The integrity of parents role in decision-making is on the line. And remember , when Markell walks after last day of serving the last year of his term so will key-player in education. They will fade into the sunset with their pension! Stay-tuned folks big power-play in the making re: labor! That’s the only way labor can keep the front up that they stand with parents! They’ll send it an new guy who’ll play the card, “it wasn’t me, it was the last person!

Many know I wasn’t fully on the Opt-out bandwagon because labor was greasing the wheels. HOWEVER, the heart and soul of this movement is all about local control going back into the hands of parents at the local level! No veto override means parent have no voice and labor and politicians will do the dance to pacify each other’s need for self-preservation. Politicians piss in the Kool-aid, labor adds a little wang and local superintendent mixes it all up and parents drink it!

Sadly Kilory must call it for NO VETO OVERRIDE ! That’s if DSEA doesn’t come out with full support demanding an veto override! Support it is one thing but fight is another!  

Rep Ramone your defining political moment stands before you! Man up!  Write an editorial to the News Journal demanding your Dover colleagues stand with you. Send that veto 13 black roses!         


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