Delaware Governor Markell rushed to hospital with brain-fart

Markell seeks to reform state’s corporate income tax  and , The News Journal

Gov. Jack Markell and some of the state’s highest-ranking lawmakers, both Democrats and Republicans, want to overhaul Delaware’s corporate income tax to make it more attractive for businesses to hire and own property here.

What cluster-fuck Markell is ! Delaware has a gross receipt-tax taxing businesses of gross income and then follows-up with a tax on profits. Rep Mike Ramone might be a clueless dip-stick when it comes public education reform but might have some smarts when in comes to business, excluding charter school monkey business. (but we really knows who has the $$$ brains in that family)

Don’t you just love Jack Markell! The Titanic sinks and he setups a ticket booth for the next cruise. With all the business bailing on Delaware and the DuPont bombshell Markell now gets it! Delaware needs to do more to attract businesses and keep them! Markell rather sell the future re: world-class education bullshit knowing he won’t be around when his lies are exposed! Fisker and Bloom are both failures because Markell gave them the carrot without them working for it! 

Currently, businesses must pay 70 percent of their estimated total taxes by June 1. The bill would change that so small businesses pay 25 percent a quarter, smoothing out the tax burden to ease cash-flow.

No shit ! What a no-brainer! Quarterly tax payment ! Delaware Governor Markell has an image problem! He stands in front of a mirror and can’t see his own reflection. For a democrat, Markell is worst cluster-fuck then George Bush ever was! No matter how you cut it, the problem with Delaware is JACK MARKELL! Jack if you took more time to talk to the idiots of the world like Kilroy and Publius rather than people who kiss your ass like you’re the pope we would be better off! But you get a rush of off people blowing you in the ear! Your biggest achievement in your personal professional life, coined the term, NexTel!  Jack, you are very personable individual. Intellectually you’re not the brightest bulb but hey, its only Kilroy talking! Don’t forget, I know about that night in Jordan’s in Chicago and that little thing in Downers Grove 😉   


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