One mother to another mother (Governor Markell) re: Test Op-Out

A parent’s right (News Jorunal Letters to The Editor

It is a parent’s fundamental right to direct the education and upbringing of their children. When Gov. Markell vetoed HB 50 he took a stand AGAINST parents’ rights.

HB 50 was legislation sponsored by Rep John Kowalko which provided a consistent process to allow Delaware parents to opt their child(ren) out of the Smarter Balanced Assessment without fear of punishment or reprisal from district and school administration. Reduced to the simplest form, HB 50 would secure a parent’s right to opt their child(ren) out of the assessment if they believed it to be in the best interest of their child.

Our legislators need to listen to the people – those they represent – and vote to override Gov. Markell’s veto of HB 50. They need to stand up for their constituents – the families that make up our great state – and vote to support the veto override.

They are either FOR or AGAINST parents’ rights and the way they vote will show the people of Delaware whether they truly represent our voice or are merely acting out the wishes of the Governor with little regard for the people of Delaware.

Ashley Sabo


I think this is a message to Rep Mike Ramone and the fence sitting crown down in legislative hall. Are you for parents’ rights or not Mike? You’re not being clear! Will you vote for the Opt-Out Veto Override or not? YES OR NO Mike? As for other state legislators, parents are tired of the education bullshit that goes on in Washington D.C. and Dover. If your support Markell that you are a Markell! Parents will take back local control and boot-out every legislator that stands in their way. 

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  1. The scariest words on the News Journal site: “Legislature to tackle school issues”


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