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Kilroy’s 2016 prediction: Bloom Energy scam will be exposed

Listen close re: solar being used as fuel for Bloom Boxes! Folks I am here to tell you, the scam will be exposed!  

Go to 7:53 minutes into this video. He said ” we can use solar”.

The big scam is the links between investors!  

The Bloom Energy Rip Off by IER

Bloom Energy touts its fuel cells as good for the environment, but there is evidence that Bloom Boxes actually produce more emissions than advanced natural gas plants. Lindsey Leveen, a chemical engineer, reviewed Bloom’s permit application to the Delaware PSC. Leveen discovered that Bloom’s fuel cells emit 90 times more volatile organic compounds (VOCs) per day than a combined cycle natural gas power plant. As the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) notes, VOCs are known to cause numerous adverse health effects, including headaches, nausea, and liver damage in humans and cancer in animals.

“Bloom Energy has stated that they plan to be selling a home appropriate unit in 2015 for about $3,000. Using that price the return on investment has been calculated for homeowners in each state”. See page 47  

Don’t hold you breath!!!!!!!