Send a message to Delaware Governor John Carney

Publius lets just pretend Delaware Governor John Carney actually visits Kilroy’s Delaware. What would you tell him about the condition of Delaware’s public schools and what action needs to take place?

I’ll go first! Dear Governor John Carney, during the 2008 gubernatorial primary debates sponsored by DSEA you mention decentralizing the Delaware Department of Education. Does that still hold true for when you take office as the next Delaware Governor? Will you return the control  Delaware’s public school system to the state by taking it out of Rodel’s $$$$$$ political charades?  Will you continue the reckless path Governor Markell has been taking? John, we need to hear from you! Many of us so-called naysayers want to work with you. We were right about Race to The Top, Common Core Standards and the Smarter Balance Assessment, all inspired by the Wall Street ponzi scheme with Jack Markell being the gatekeeper allow the Trojan Horse in Delaware! As far as all the standardized testing, can we at least go back to testing grades 3, 5, 8 and 10? Let the districts and charter schools do their own off-year benchmark assessments without dictation from the state.

As far as Kilroy, look, I am giving you this advice for free! However, once settled in as Delaware’s next governor, I am asking that you give some serious consideration in hiring Mike Matthews as your educational advisory. Though he isn’t the brightest light-bulb of  bunch ;), he has been maturing to a point of a real sense of balance between labor needs and real world needs of our children.  Kilroy has been hard on Matthews to counteract those whispering in his ear, protect labor at all cost. Long ago Publius told Matthews to take off the Rolling Stones concert T-shirt and grow up! Matthews has been spotted around town in a suit and tie. I think with a shopping trip with Merv, Hugh and Sam we might convince Matthews the Neapolitan look is the way to go. But all-in-all Mike Matthews might make a valued asset to your leadership as education advisory  . Now for my wish, I’d like to see your first executive order  being, ordering all traditional school boards, votech school boards and charter school board record the public session of their board meeting and place recording on their website for all to hear within 7 days after the board meeting. All traditional school districts in New Castle County already do this voluntarily. So does Capital and Delmar school districts. The state board of education does so per legislation.   

For all you Kilroy visitors, its open-mic! Tell Delaware’s next governor John Carney changes you like to see in regards to Delaware’s public education. 


4 responses to “Send a message to Delaware Governor John Carney

  1. Greg MAZZOTTA


    In accordance with our (chance) meeting at WilmU’s job fair,
    I shared news of the Delaware (state-level) Quality Program.

    It was established in 1993 by then Gov. Tom Carper and at
    one point, enjoyed the volunteer efforts of nearly 500 quality professionals
    helping organizations to improve – (Im)Prove. I was both an examiner and helped lead the local American Society for Quality region.

    In 2009, this critical economic and workforce development program
    was terminated and Delaware is at further risk of loosing it’s
    ASQ group to Philadelphia. Yes, Delaware has not been able to hold
    on to the fundamental building blocks for economic and workforce prosperity.

    I ask that you recall that our work in the Milford schools garnered
    a “Models of Excellence” for PDSA – Plan, Do, Study, Act and that Delaware only Baldrige/Education Award recipient was NCCVT in 1994.

    Isn’t it time to refresh Delaware’s teaching and learning model statewide.

    The Delaware (state-level) Quality Program, at some point may return to
    the DE and not be affiliated with the Missouri Foundation for Excellence,
    which when I shared this with you. “That’s bizarre”, I believe were your exact words; I concur.

    Let’s polish the diamond state that is Delaware and begin with Education as we are surrounded by states that have multiple, current, Baldrige/Education Award recipients. We remain eager to open the quality education toolbox.


    • lastDEconservative

      Well, if Kilroy’s entreaty doesn’t make Carney move to Maryland, surely Greg Quixote’s will.


  2. Have you ever been in a conversation and so many people have given their two cents that no one even remembers the original question? That’s education in Delaware. Think back to “New Directions” and all the next best initiative for saving our education system. Now its BRINC and “Blended Learning”. We are soooo far away from where things used to be that no one even knows the way back. The irony is that all the heavy hitting politicos send their kids to private schools….,


    • lastDEconservative

      A few of us know the way back. Actually, it’s not so much the way back, the implication being going over the desolate ground again, as it is knowing whence we started, and where success did originate and flourish, and in a few happy cases, still manifests where such foundational principles are still followed.

      This is why the progressive agenda is constantly bringing forth the next Next Big Thing (by the way, you left out the -big- one coming like a steamroller, Internationalism Rules! , AKA, America is Even Worse Than We’ve Already Convinced You). Only by making the trail to the current state of chaos a blur, and the path foggy and obfuscated, can the evildoers continue to perpetrate the chaos in which they succeed (meaning the rest of us fail). With memories of happy days being generations removed from the misery of today, the perpetrators, cheerfully extolling their ability to wipe away all today’s ills (as if they rose from the ether), go about their business of creating spirit crushing dependency while promising much needed and wise, soothing advice on how best to live a happy subservient life.