When Governor Markell was running the Wall Street Ed Agenda DuPont slipped away

Delaware Jack Markell is no doubt the worst Delaware governor on education reform in the state’s history. However, his obsession with appeasing the likes of Rodel and the Wall Street crowed bent on re-engineering public education did very little for Delaware employment.

Markell’s education battle crying is focused around “STEM” and the so-called global economy. Markell claims employers won’t come to Delaware or stay in Delaware unless we have an army of STEM soldiers streaming out of our high schools and colleges.

Folks the global economy is slowing down and for sure the world will need the top 10% of STEM grads. But what do you do with the other 90%? Governor Markell is on the wrong history with his overemphasis on STEM. Jack Markell also pushing the expansion of Chinese language immersion programs in Delaware public schools. The odds are only about 1% of those students will grow up and use their Chinese language skills in job applications. Delaware has made the turn towards shifting to a service-based economy away from manufacturing. Also, as in the rest of the nation, Delaware has seen its influx of Spanish speaking immigrants.

One would think it if anything we should see an expansion of immersion Spanish language program. Advancement is Delaware’s service based employment might hinge on “managers” and “supervisors” being bilingual in English and Spanish to support a growing Spanish or limited Spanish speaking workforce. Delaware African-Americans will be the most negatively impacted. Not only by the inability to have a chance for these managers and supervisors position but will have limited access the grunt jobs within. Remember, its managers and supervisors who do the hiring.

Delaware Governor Jack Markell turns a blind-eye to the fact, black high school graduates and even black college graduates are at a disadvantage then their white peers. How? because they are black!

Our Delaware economy is severally fractured at the root. Governor Markell can surround himself with hand-chosen minorities in Delaware. But he does nothing to address discrimination in Delaware public school system. Markell knows in his heart the charter school law is laced with discrimination and damn well knows racist hands penned it. Jack Markell will sing the song, “we need to address it”.But stalls buying time as not to offend the white status-quo. Jack plays the fence quite well.

Markell cuts deals with Fisker and Bloom for “promises” of jobs and lack the courage to pull the plug when those promises are met. Jack imposed a backdoor takes that funds Bloom.  

Even with the DuPont crisis before us, Governor Jack Markell will boast of his success reviving Delaware’s economy. He’ll talk of where the unemployment rate was when he took office and where it is now. But will not mention the 50% unemployment rate for Wilmington blacks over the age of 20.

Folks Delaware Governor Jack Markell campaigned on his Blue Print and has painted himself in the corner with his own paint and brush. He’ll present a picture of yea, things are tough but we Delawareans will rise to the occasion! Our newly unemployed are “STEM” folks so what encouragement with that give our future STEM workforce? Lets give Jack the benefit of the doubt for a moment! Lets assume their is a demand for “STEM”. So I guess we won’t see a spike in long-term unemployment in Delaware! Career recruiters will be scooping up Uncle Dupy’s throw-aways!  We’ll be left with those support services unemployed and a ripple in the local economy. Gee what? Could that me job losses in the service sector! Well one thing for sure, with all the newly laid-off STEM folks the price of home prices will go down. With the addition to all the homes added to the multi-list surely the supply will be greater than demand which in-turn will drive down home sale prices.

Back to Governor Jack Markell! Jack, you’re in over your head! You kept your blinders on! Jack, look at the numbers driving the global economy! When gasoline hits $1.85 a gallon the trigger for a major U.S. recession will be pulled. And don’t play if off on a mild winter.

The bright-side of all this gloom is, 2016 is the last of Jack Markell being Delaware’s Governor.  Thanks for the memories Jack.            


5 responses to “When Governor Markell was running the Wall Street Ed Agenda DuPont slipped away

  1. Bravo, Kilroy! Well said.


  2. And the state will stay true Blue to the end…because there is SUCH a difference between Democrat and Republican politicians.


  3. lastDEconservative

    For an ever so slightly more erudite rendering of the subject at hand, read George Will’s latest at


    A little taste, that perhaps even the average denizen can decipher …

    “It is secular creationists whose social costs are steep.

    “Secular theists” — economist Don Boudreaux’s term — produce governments gripped by the fatal conceit that they are wiser than society’s spontaneous experimental order. Such governments’ imposed order suffocates improvisation and innovation. Like religious creationists gazing upon biological complexity, secular theists assume that social complexity requires an intentional design imposed from on high by wise designers, aka them.”

    Markell, a conveniently slender target for the narrow minded, is but a pixel on the landscape of destruction on which we find ourselves gazing (and grazing). (That’s last speaking, though it sounds like GW, huh?). Kilroy’s criticism is well founded and on point, but as usual, he ignores, or worse, forgives far more perpetrators than he condemns. In fairness, so do his constituents, so let customer service rule the day. After generations of “wise secular theists” imposing their design on all of us (primarily the sleeping undiscerning and unaware), immune to failure under cover of government’s utter absence of the imposition of consequences therefore, here we are, awash in evil, now numb even if awake, languishing in mediocrity at best, in a death spiral at worst.

    And speaking of sleeping … no, let’s say fiddling. What else can you call Marxell’s and Levin’s (and predecessors as well as contemporary elected and appointed) conduct vis a vis Bloom and Fisker and Chrysler and GM and solar power, ad nauseum … and … DuPont? Hmm?


  4. lastDEconservative

    Then again, maybe Marxell’s government schooling (not education) legacy just needs time to manifest its greatness. I’m sure I’ll see most of the denizens on 10 Feb for the Birth (shivering) to Eight Summit.


    Think about it. Birth. Hand ’em over. The final word in secular theism; of all the things you witless peons are just not capable of, and for which govt knows best, it’s raising/teaching/nurturing your children. “Hand ’em Over” should be the title of the summit. But that would require truth in advertising.

    I wonder if my ol’ pal from Lake Forest, he of the pre-birth district counselors and post-birth logo-ed onesies and standing ovations therefor, will be a guest speaker. Or get another plaque.
    Hey Kilroy, why not post the NJ article about the MO supt who appears to be the antithesis of the DE way of committees and councils and summits and is actually getting something done in her heretofore failing district? M, she’s doing their laundry if need be, providing the machines for the marginally able — all of which I find abhorrent for schools to be doing … BUT … she is proof of MY theorem that making progress will (if ever it is to be) be the result of the actions of a single leader, not an unending cycle of collaboration and navel gazing by a horde of resume builders. This gal is gettin’ it done.


  5. LDC, yes I read the MO article and had to keep looking away to prevent from retching at the thought of Mike O, kavips or Pandora nodding in agreement that that is in fact what they believe should happen in all our schools. Redistribution from (kilroy’s race war stoking) the” white affluent” to the Wilmington chosen is far more agreeable than demanding individuals be responsible for themselves and the lives they bring into the world. Yes indeed, parents should not be responsible for their own children, schools and state facilities should be in charge and held responsible to raise our youth away from the parental unit(s) who, in some cases ARE the root cause of the problem. It just requires the selfish stupid and elitist forfeit some of their privileged income. How heartless they are and how dare they oppose the undeniable truth that they didn’t earn their own way, they were “privileged” and should willingly forfeit the fruits of their privileged existence.