“It takes a village Hillary” Clinton will close 50,000 public school

Hillary Clinton: If Elected President, I’ll Shut Down 50,000 Public Schools

“I wouldn’t keep any school open that wasn’t doing a better than average job.”

“If a school’s not doing a good job, then, you know, that may not be good for the kids,” she continued. Clinton did not elaborate on how a school doing a poor job could possibly be good for the kids.

During her remarks, Clinton did not state which specific performance metrics she would use to determine whether a school was performing adequately, nor did she say where children who had been attending average or below-average schools shut down by her administration could go for their educational needs.


3 responses to ““It takes a village Hillary” Clinton will close 50,000 public school

  1. My 10 yo is better at math than Hillary. Even she is smart enough to know that closing all below average schools will ultimately result in a single open school.


  2. On education, how could the Reformers not agree with this? I guess Publius will have no problem voting for that. Opens up the free market and all. The consequences will be a flood of the (shall we be polite here) low test score students and low performing schools with nowwhere to turn but the charter schools. Imagine schools like Wilm charter across the country taking a flood of the demographics that don’t show on their current demographic sheets. I would expect that they would have them up to snuff in a couple of months. All education problems solved. Trump could build walls around certain schools I guess…….. Decisions…..Decisions……Decisions.

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  3. The goal is that every high poverty school becomes a charter. Remember that. If we have to go that route to finally understand (well, admit really…we all understand the problem, we just won’t say it out loud) then let it happen. Make them all charters. Whatever. It’ll come back full circle when more Delaware METs etc happen.