OMG! Red Clay’s Community Financial Review Committee (CFRC) supports property reassessments and board raising tax without referendum

Wilmington Education Improvement Commission

Public Comments Received

CFRC Statement The CFRC reviewed the attached Items to be Considered for the Fiscal Year 2017 Budget presented by Jill Floore at the CFRC October 2015 meeting. The CFRC recognizes its main concern and obligation is to protect and maintain the financial integrity and viability of the district, including the districts ongoing improvement plans, for all Red Clay residents and students. The CFRC believes Red Clay provides superior educational programs. However, expanding these programs or incorporating additional students brings extensive challenges. The CFRC supports moving forward with the WEIC plan if and only if funding is included in the Governor’s recommended budget in January and approved by the state legislature as part of the Fiscal Year 2017 Budget plan. In the short term, dedicated funding commitments must be made. In the long term, a specific Action Plan must be developed and adopted now in order to ensure the future success and financial viability of Red Clay. These funding items are:

 Weighted funding to meet the needs of all low income students and English Language Learners

 Transition funding to support redistricting planning to move students to Red Clay

 Facilities assessments and major and minor capital improvement monies to address deferred maintenance and support upgrades and programming changes for schools being transitioned to Red Clay

 Property tax reassessments in all New Castle County districts that recur regularly and on a rolling basis

 Ability of the school board to set and adjust operating taxes yearly, which power will remain in effect until the property tax reassessment occurs.

 No disproportionate tax impact on current Red Clay residents

 State funding for early childhood education

As the WEIC committees work through issues and analyze data, actual and sufficient dollar amounts need to be attached to each of the above items. Without adequate, clear and consistent funding that cannot be removed by the State at a whim or when times get tough, the CFRC believes that the WEIC plan would expose Red Clay to unacceptable financial risk which will be detrimental to the current students and the Red Clay community.

WTF ?? Is Red Clay’s Community Financial Review Committee aka CFRC endorsing  property reassessment on a rolling basis and give Red Clay school board the authority to raise property taxes without referendum  The the “R” is for review and the allowing this committee having so much say in regards to collecting taxes at-will compromises the original intend to be an “oversight body”.  This is a dangerous path the committee is taking!

Get this, the following is taken from Red Clay’s CFRC November 10, 2015 committee meeting minutes, “Mr. Pappenhagen asked if we needed to give a vote of support of the WEIC submission. Mr. Floore stated that a statement has already been submitted to the Board. The Board used that recommendation during their workshop. The Board’s recommendation mirrored the submission.” See page 7 here.

More November 10, 2015 CFRC Meeting minutes:”Moving forward, this Committee would have the opportunity to make a n official public comment on the WEIC draft or make the same statement as part of the public record. It is not part of the WEIC public record. Mr. Doolittle stated that the final draft is going to the State December 9th. Therefore, if we want to vote tonight it will be in time for the WEIC report.” 

More November 10, 2015  CFRC Metting minutes: “Mr. Doolittle made the motion that this Committee’s recommendation previously submitted to our Board be submitted to WEIC as part of the public comment to the State, Mr. Pappenhagen seconded, the motion carried.” 

Board Approves Draft Red Clay WEIC Plan

The Red Clay Board of Education approved a draft framework on how the district would carry out a proposal to absorb Wilmington schools and students from the Christina and Colonial school districts at a special meeting held Nov. 2, 2015

Look at the dates folks CFRC meeting was November 10, 2015 and the board approved the draft framework on November 2, 2015. Also make note Red Clay scrubbed Reference to November 2, 2015 from BoardDoc aka public view and when you go to this Red Clay announcement on the district’s web page the  link to “read the plan” does not go to the plan. 

Here is the a section of Red Clay CFRC by-laws

ARTICLE III -PURPOSE The purpose of the organization shall be to provide an organized structure that will assist the Red Clay Consolidated School District Board of Education with financial oversight of and ensure community involvement in Red Clay’s budgetary processes. The Committee will:

l. Monitor current spending, its relationship to the budget and the district’s overall financial health (this may include examination of historic, current and projected financial data);

2. Provide affirmation/verification of financial information to Red Clay School Board which includesthe development of a monthly financial report;

3. Provide a medium for the dissemination of financial information and materials to the community relative to Red Clay School District and promote an understanding of the budget process;

4. Provide consultation and guidance to the Red Clay School Board on mattersrelating to finance and perform other review and recommendation functions as directed by the Board.



700 Finance and Personnel 736 Local School District and Charter School Citizen Budget Oversight Committees

736 Local School District and Charter School Citizen Budget Oversight Committees 1.0 Purpose 1.1 The purpose of this regulation is to outline procedures, criteria and responsibilities related to the local school district and charter school Citizen Budget Oversight Committees required pursuant to 14 Del.C. §1508. The Citizen Budget Oversight Committee is solely established to oversee the financial position of the local school district or charter school it is assigned to oversee. The local school board or charter school board shall retain all policy and decision-making authorities granted pursuant to Delaware Code


4 responses to “OMG! Red Clay’s Community Financial Review Committee (CFRC) supports property reassessments and board raising tax without referendum

  1. What was the justification for CFRC positions/recommendations? Do they believe Red Clay property owners have failed to support the children in the pass? Was it not the property owners who approved providing millions in additional revenue after the state had to take over financial management of the district because of financial mismanagement?


  2. Publius e decere

    Does this committee know something about the long term cost of WEIC plans that the public does not yet know? Or are they simply acting as a rubber stamp behind the board leader who also serves on the WEIC? Kilroy indicts the committee for forgetting its role. Right on.


    • kilroysdelaware

      Note, the letter isn’t on Red Clay letterhead! The CFRC doesn’t have letter head and slick Red Clay Willie will let the CFRC take the heat.


  3. CFRC has made no recommendation on where savings can be achieved or how funds can be allocated more effectively, nor any recommendations on reducing overhead.
    Just give them more and more, I strongly oppose CFRC position.

    Where is the justification?

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