Warning shot fired at Red Clay School Board! There is financial pressure!


The message I heard during Red Clay admin financial /budget report  was concerns regarding financial pressure. It wasn’t a sounding of alarms but more like a coded message for the board to get their heads out of their asses.  

Many Christina students choice into Red Clay and as we know, Choice students bring local dollars from their districts. Bottom-line is, the cost of service levels per student in Red Clay exceeds the the local share of the money following students from Christina. So, Red Clay has to back-fill. This equation intensifies where we’re talking special needs. And OMG! Red Clay inclusion transition is costly because specialized services are spread across many more district schools. There is talk in the wind that the Red Clay school board will be faced with major pressure to raise the “tuition tax”. And we’re talking a significant increase!! No referendum required on this vote! The board has the  authority to raise this tax! 

When Red Clay gets stiffed with Christina’s high needs schools the financial bottom will fallout in Red Clay!  The “seed” money planned to help the transition isn’t sustainable funding. When Red Clay made the token WEIC vote as in, great plan we’re on board but show us the money before we’re fully on board! The F’ed up! What a bunch of cluster-fucks!  Mark my words, the level of quality education services Red Clay tries to provide and do provide in many cases will slip backwards.

Odd as it may sound, even with charter schools dropping like flies, the WEIC plan will create greater need for charter schools. Whereas many will be out of the expanded Red Clay district. WEIC plans  will restrict new charter schools within this expanded district.

During the onset of the desegregation in Delaware there was the “white flight” where many white parents sent their children to private schools.

When the charter school movement started allowing specific interest admission practices and 5 mile radius attendance zones we had the “bright flight”. Now Its kind a F’ed up seeing poor minority parents wanting to flee Christina and run into the arms of Red Clay. Back in the desegregation years, Red Clay was ground zero for opposing deseg. Red Clay started their charter school campaign to circumvent the deseg order! BUT STOP BEFORE I PISS OFF STEVE! The current generation of students and parents at this gem of a school are being victimized by the anti-charter movement. The “creators” of this charter school created it to appease the white status quo. Or was it, lets create a school for overachievers so that the social behaviors of the underclass don’t hold them back? Now don’t get me wrong, I am not pointing the finger at the current Red Clay board. But yea one old dog was a team-player.

I’ll end the rants and drifting off topic! But mark my words  , the level of quality education Red Clay tries to provide and do provide in many cases will slip backwards.

The financial pressure is growing under the weight of special needs services. Don’t get me wrong, I support special need students and services. What I am saying is, merging Christina city schools into Red Clay will create a super special ed school district whereas funding won’t effectively serve all and reduce the quality of services for all! And you can bet it will have a negative impact on “all students”.




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