The Twins lap up the Markell milk and go meow meow

Wilmington’s Twin Poets named as state poets laureate  , The News Journal

Their father was the legendary community leader William “Hicks” Anderson, whose name graces the only city-run community center, at Fifth and Madison streets. Anderson was known as a hot head with a sharp tongue, even flipping tables to make a point. But Chukwoucha and Mills choose to channel that anger and compassion for their neighborhood into their artwork.

“We take that fire and use it toward our passion,” Mills said. “We use it as a motivation. I don’t think we are as loud talking, but we try to continue the work that he was doing without the bark.”


One response to “The Twins lap up the Markell milk and go meow meow

  1. lastDEconservative

    Sigh. Another sad day, another glorification of the myth.

    I wonder who will play them in “Murder Town.”