Breaking news !!! Mike Mathews has a heart :)

I was just talking to Kevin that pain in the ass blogger from downstate about Mike Mathews.

I’ve been blogging since 2006 and it wasn’t long after I hooked up with Mike Mathews. Mike was a bit of a new wave radical and said what he had to in his blogging.  But Mike moved on from blogging and my guess was he had to be a professional re: education. I understand, a young guy with a life ahead of him who needed to be careful as not to piss-off the Publius of the world or the penis head founders of Rodel! I’ll end the rants here!

Last night at the Red Clay school board meeting I observed Mike in action. I’ll admit sometimes I feel he is blowing smoke while sitting on the fence trying to appease both sides! Sometime I think he is a typical union guy all about serving the membership and their is nothing wrong with that. But don’t be tough and then be awl-stuck in the presence of Jack Markell. Markell is the worst Delaware Governor in history when it comes to education reform! He’s all about Jack and Wall Street and you can bet his stock portfolio is enriched with stocks related to education and technology related to education. So for the rant on pecker-head Markell! Back to Mike Mathews! When Mike addressed the Red Clay school board about his and others concerns about Red Clay’s screwed up inclusion plan transitioning I was like WOW! For the first time I can say, I FELT Mike’s passion! Though he has concerns related to the impact on teachers, he laid it out how damaging it is to children!   

I’ve leaned hard on Mike and sometimes unfairly but I see it as, reminding him people outside the box are looking in. I think we can all agree, Red Clay has a community of people will to stand up and speak out! And for many of us, its no about our kids but rather all children. Kilroy seems to be a hit when he goes with the grain but when he cut across it offending DSEA and unions, he’s isolated!

What I saw last night was Mike Mathews owning it! Merv nor the board can deny there are problems with the inclusion transition harming children and educators. Folks Red Clay is becoming a mess! The decent going on about Skyline and the decent with the inclusion transition is being exposed.

I can only hope when Mike Mathews becomes President of DSEA that he embraces his passion and keep the balance that will unite parents and teachers to demand accountability from central office and Dover. Teachers deserve good pay and benefit and I get it! But what parents and children need is leaders not making self-serving backdoor deals. Like with the Race To The Top MOU! RTTT was the catalyst that undermined traditional public education and set unhealthy Delaware state education regulations and laws in motion.

 Like I said, I call it as I see it! Mr. Mathews times off from being in the classroom and engaging in a way now other union leader has is refreshing! Seems like he is making is own assessment of Red Clay by peering in every classroom and engaging as many teachers as he can! So the teacher is taking time to learn!      


6 responses to “Breaking news !!! Mike Mathews has a heart :)

  1. What the founders of Rodel were penis heads? All this time i thought they were anuses..


  2. Plus if you really felt that way about Markell, that seagull picture would grace every article having his name as the topic… 🙂 Love that pic.

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  3. “But don’t be tough and then be awl-stuck in the presence of Jack Markell.”

    I have a new favorite Kilroy-ism.

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  4. “pecker-head Markell” made my night after a looooong day at the State Board meeting. That about sums it up!

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  5. lastDEconservative

    “But what parents and children need is leaders not making self-serving backdoor deals.”

    And suddenly the union is going to eschew its own interest to serve parents and children by switching out the Fred and putting in M-Mushews?

    The union has only ever had, and will only ever have one interest, and its leaders one job, that being to protect the members interests, PERIOD. One of a dozen proofs that come to mind: the organization’s name. Is it by accident “union” is not in the name?

    Besides, now you have the Tony! How many “leaders” can there be at any one time, sir?