Skyline middle school parents bitch-slaps Merv

As predicted, Skyline Middle School parents descended on Red Clay’s board members unhappy with the district’s manipulation of a Skyline students survey presented last month.

Folks, I am telling, there are serious issues going on at Skyline with disrupted, disrespectful and down-right criminal behavior of some student.

A few Skyline students spoke tonight. And the underlying message is, Skyline is overcrowded and unsafe. Students are afraid  to go to adult staff re: snitches get stitches. 

To all you Skyline parents, when you child is assaulted or threatened by another student file a police report! Don’t go to the principal. You don’t have to press charges! A report goes on file and you’ll have a paper trail if some bad were to happen!

Of all the years of attending board meetings I’ve never seen such concern about one school’s safety!

Red Clay board members, you better get your heads out of your asses on this one! Class-action lawsuit might be in the makings. You have an obligation to “ensure” schools are safe!  Skyline parents are “begging” you to address this concern now not after something serious happens. If you have to put two SRO’s in Skyline than do it! You have a situation that needs to be address now!    



4 responses to “Skyline middle school parents bitch-slaps Merv

  1. a second SRO doesn’t un-crowd an overcrowded building.


  2. But I thought parents that seek good environments/ schools for their children were elitist, selfish, stupid, skimming and discriminatory? Why are unsafe, unruly, uncivil children, a problem? Isn’t that normal?

    (Where’s Pan when you need her to tell parents they’re Punching down?)

    All you need to do is supply counselors, breakfast/ lunch, laundering services, before and after care and ipads and the unruly children will willingly correct their antisocial, semi-criminal behavior. Better yet, as Steve Newton claims, WE all created this problem of violence, WE should all call out sick from work and go to school and provide “guidance” to these simply “misunderstood” youth. WE ALL owe our unruly children the benefit of the doubt since it is not their responsibility to behave. The well behaved are OK, they don’t need any attention. They already have the “privilege” of having a parent(s) who have taught them to behave in a civil manner. They don’t need appropriate educational opportunities. Its the misbehaving students that DESERVE our educators’, admins’ and responsible parents’ attention. To HECK with the students and parents who thought education was supposed to provide opportunities to reasonable behaving people. They’re so selfish anyway.


  3. Don’t let him fool you M…ask where he lives and where he sent his


  4. Its probably just one “untouchable” student who is the bully. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out it was Greg Lavelle dressed up in a leprechaun suit….