NCLB lives on in Delaware under Wall Street’s butt-buddy Jack

Obama Signs Education Law Rewrite; Power Shift to States by

Obama signed a bipartisan bill that easily passed the Senate on Wednesday and the House last week — long-awaited legislation that would replace the landmark No Child Left Behind education law of 2002, now widely viewed as unworkable and overreaching.

Removing Title 1 Section 1118 was an F U to Title 1 parents! 

One key feature of No Child remains: Students will still take the federally required statewide reading and math exams. But the new law encourages states to limit the time students spend on testing and diminishes the high stakes for underperforming schools.

And the Common Core Standards and her evil sister The Smarter Balanced Assessment is DELAWARE LAW THAT SUPERSEDES this new federal law!

By turning more decision-making powers back to the states, the law would end more than a decade of what critics have derided as one-size-fits-all federal policies dictating accountability and improvement for the nation’s 100,000 or so public schools.

Markell has done way more damage than the feds! 

The legislation eliminates the federal mandate that teacher evaluations be tied to student performance on the statewide tests. Teachers’ unions hated that previous idea, saying the high stakes associated with the tests were creating a culture of over-testing and detracting from the learning environment. States and districts will still be able to link scores or consider them as a factor in teacher performance reviews, but they will not be required to do so.

Adults come out on top once again ! Yes Mr. Matthews, I agree we shouldn’t hold teachers accountable to flaw testing. However, students in Delaware will still be required to take the flaw Smarter Balance! Yea I know, call your legislators. 

Don’t start applauding yet, kids. The nation’s 50 million students in public schools will still have to take the federally mandated statewide reading and math exams in grades three to eight and once in high school — so parents, teachers and others can see how they are doing against a common measuring stick. But the legislation also encourages states to set caps on the amount of time students spend on testing.

And whats going to happen is, we’ll see pull back on district assessment but full steam ahead with the Smarter Balance Assessment.  

No more Common Core — maybe.

The bill says the federal government may not mandate or give states incentives to adopt or maintain any particular set of academic standards, such as Common Core.

Little help that does after Delaware mandated Common Core and Smarter Balance with the help of Ramone, Hudson and Lavelle 

The bill provides for more transparency about test scores, meaning parents and others in the community will get a better look at how students in their states and in local schools are doing.

And without Title 1 Section 1118 parents are pushed to the side of the table as spectators.

States and districts will now be responsible for coming up with their own goals for schools, designing their own measures of achievement and progress, and deciding independently how to turn around struggling schools. Testing will be one factor considered, but other measures of success or failure could include graduation rates and education atmosphere.

In Delaware the corrupt Delaware Department of Education and pussy-ass Delaware State Board of Education suppresses the district’s voice. But then again, look at the unions who supported Race to The Top. At the end of the day the labor’s political moves paid off! Lifeboats  with motors for teachers and lifeboats with oars for children. Delaware students are still stuck with Common Core Standard and a flawed Smarter Balanced Assessment. 

For Delaware there is a bigger crisis on the horizon re: Red Clay taking Christina high poverty city schools where some Christina board members are throwing them the Red Wolves!  “Putting all failing schools under a single government! ” I can’r believe a board member said that! So what next put all honor students under a single government? 


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  1. Kilroy, you will need to stop mincing words and tell us how you REALLY feel! Couldn’t agree with you more on a lot of these points. As well, this legislation gives Teach for America and other “teacher prep programs” the ability to get paid the same as a teacher at a masters degree status. And the NEA endorsed this…

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