DE DOE assigned reps sits on finance committee as charters robs taxpayers

Audit: charter school’s use of money “unconscionable” , The News Journal

The leaders of Family Foundations Charter School spent recklessly and allowed hundreds of thousands of dollars in school funds to be spent for personal purchases, a report released Wednesday by the state auditor says.

“It is unconscionable that any public entity, much less one charged with educating our children, would operate with such complete disregard for fiscal responsibility, accountability and transparency,” the report says.

The Delaware Department of Education has assigned employees sitting at each and every charter school Citizen Budget Oversight Committee. They are permitted “by law” to review any and all financial documents. Even credit card receipts. School fail because of leadership and like with this school and Moyer the Delaware Department of Education failed! 

Auditor Tom Wagner’s office combed through records from July 2011 to January 2015 and found that the school “seemingly operated in its own universe.”

It caught a total of $141,102 in purchases with school funds for personal use. It found more than $1.2 million that could not be proven as a school-related expense but also couldn’t be clearly labeled personal purchases.

The report pins Moore with spending $72,631 and Brewington with spending $31,266 on personal items with school money.

It says former IT director Chris Cooke spent $5,575, Middle School Secretary Kiana Simmons spent $2,162, and an unknown employee spent $4,774.

The reason the sums are so much bigger for Moore and Brewington is that they had access not just to the “P-cards” that state employees use to make business purchases, but also to American Express Cards tied to school money.

And nobody goes to jail!


16 responses to “DE DOE assigned reps sits on finance committee as charters robs taxpayers

  1. lastDEconservative

    “The Delaware Department of Education has assigned employees sitting at each and every charter school Citizen Budget Oversight Committee.”

    Why not name names? Demand personal accountability? Go to our state reps with specific culprits, not just broad indictments of agencies?

    Oh, sorry, I went away there for a minute. I forgot the circle of evil precludes observation, let alone entry and thus scrutiny from the outside.


  2. lastDEconservative

    “The report pins Moore with spending $72,631 and Brewington with spending $31,266 on personal items with school money.”

    Chump change. Check your state rep or senator’s budget. Check the agency heads’s budgets. C’mon, just a couple folks trying to get by. Teachin’ them youngsters.


    • Did you forget the part where there was $1.2 million that was “unverifiable” whether it was spent for legitimate school expenses or personal use? How the hell can $1.2 million NOT be verified? I know, I know, this is Delaware…


  3. And they should not go to jail… After all these are fine outstanding citizens unlike black young people who smoke grass and sometimes sell and buy it, and loiter on street corners and jaywalk… “Those people” are extremely dangerous people. Lowlifes. These are finely cultivated businessmen whose job is, and always has been, to pocket taxpayer’s money… The first group is scurvy to society; the other is our Christmas present. There is a huge difference between Brewington and a guy shot on the street in cold blood in a wheel chair..One is an actual threat to society…Brewington isn’t. Brewington is a fine outstanding citizen and should be given another charter school (this time with a Mercedes Benz clause so it won’t be stealing) very soon to rebuild his income portfolio… It won’t be MET obviously, but the next one coming… will be his… That is why there are two sets of law in society… One for the shit-on class who you have to keep grinding under your heel to show your superiority, the other for the “ruling” class…


    • lastDEconservative

      “Pass the Angostura, please.” Wow. I wonder where our old pal, Angostura the First is these days? I got halfway through this before I realized it wasn’t him. The misapplied … es tell the tale. Well, that and the distorted view of real life through the two atmospheres between here and planet kavips.


    • I’m right here last. Miss me that much?


  4. I am trying to figure out why no charges have been filed? Who would be responsible to file such charges? Is it the AG? Or the school board?


  5. Remind me again how much federal money was swindled, …redistributed…., wasted….arrrrgh, “awarded” to Delaware for Race to the Top?
    Far be it from me to judge the level of misappropriation of educational dollars, and make no mistake, misappropriation of educational dollars is deceitful at any institution, especially a charter running on lower funding than our TPS’s BUT say it with me; ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS, was sent to Delaware. $100,000,000.00 / 132,000 students. Gone! No benefit. No improvement. No apology for the lack of appreciable results. No one went to jail for the federal to State money scheme it was. No one lost their job other than those jobs created by the money in the first place.

    Camden, NJ got $200,000,000.00 from Zuckerberg. Very little beneficial result. And that doesn’t include other state monies added to it. At least all of it wasn’t “Robbed” from taxpayers.

    Accountability?? What’s that? Kilroy: “Robs taxpayers”?
    How many times have our TPS districts promised improvement to the educational system as a sales pitch to pass a referendum? How much money was redistributed with little to no results for the vast majority of residents and their children? The word “Robbery” doesn’t begin to characterize the theft (redistribution) our educational system has perpetuated.

    70K misspent???? Our wonderful districts have probably done that in a DAY by overpaying for snow removal that probably didn’t need to happen since they close at the first snowflake.

    “Chump change. Check your state rep or senator’s budget.” INDEED.


    • lastDEconservative

      $141,102 / $119,000,000 = 12 tenths of one percent. LESS than a round off error. Thanks for focusing my thought like a laser on to real numbers, M.

      How about this way? If you assume the culprits at FF are limited to the few noted here, then $141,102 / 5 = $28,220.40 “awarded,” as M would say, to each. $119,000,000 / what? 119? 238? 476? If the latter, that’s a cool quarter million bucks EACH, and culprit is too kind a word to describe them. How much did the coach’s salary go up on the first day away from the DEstruction here, just for one quantifiable example.

      Like I said, CHUMP CHANGE.

      And as for Jimmy and the NewSocialist Journal, when that article gets written, I’ll pay attention. Until then, who cares what they say?


  6. Who trains the district and charter school boards and our community review committee’s? Are they provided areas of concern based on audit reports? Didn’t DMA have a problem with credit cards? What is the scope of audits conducted by CPA firms?


    • lastDEconservative

      Ahh, so THAT’s it! Nobody ‘trained’ them to detect Mercedes cars and rap concert tickets as personal! DAMMIT!


  7. lastDEconservative

    Meanwhile, out in elected land, where distraction rules and even gravity is a question mark, this:

    December 10, 2015

    Dear last,
    I’ve got some exciting news to share! This year, my office is participating in the annual Congressional App Challenge.

    This competition is designed to provide high school students with a valuable opportunity to learn programming concepts, entrepreneurial lessons, and STEM-based skills.

    The Challenge allows high school students to compete with their peers in Delaware by creating and exhibiting a software application, or “app” for mobile, tablet, or computer devices on a platform of their choice. Students entering the competition will submit their app’s code online at my Challenge page by January 15, 2016.

    And blah, blah, blah.

    Carney (Ctooge 3 in the pecking order)
    Lay down your pistol and your baggies and write some code, dude. Ernie isn’t fronting the Rodel game for his health, you know.


  8. Publius e decere

    OK, back to the topic. Who was the Delaware DOE person assigned to the FF budget committee? Did they show up for meetings?


  9. Just an FYI (because facts matter) – I see custodial workers (not private or state contractors) plowing/shoveling school parking lots and driveways. There is no additional cost to the district for this (not even overtime).