Amazing ! Christina board pres Hypocritical of Red Clay property owners

VIDEO:Christina School Board discusses WEIC plan By Taggart Houck / WDEL

I can’t believe this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Christina board president takes cheap shot at Red Clay property owners at the same time raising  the flag of surrender !

So fucking wrong re: putting all failing schools under a single government! Really sound like those Christina schools are a thorn is some board members’ ass.

One must question integrity of those not will to stand and fight to keep their “schools”.

It’s not a matter of race but a matter of extreme need and pushing such great burden on Red Clay with seed money and no sustainable funding to address such high needs students WILL HAVE A NEGATIVE IMPACT ON ALL RED CLAY STUDENTS INCLUDING THE STUDENT CHRISTINA DUMPS!

I am not wasting my time attending these fucked up Kool-aid meeting. All has been predetermined and the merger WILL HAPPEN. I ask, why isn’t this question brought to a referendum ? WHY ?

Got news for all you people! There is a movement to get all pro-charter school Red Clay school board members seated! And you know what? It just might happen! Maybe the best thing for Christina school district is turn it over to a charter organization! The entire district ! Unbelievable! A broad president not fighting for their schools! As far as Bob A, I don’t have an ax to grind because Bob A and I can go face to face and nose to nose! And as for picking the next Christina superintendent, it must follow an application process with parents on the selection committee. If it ends up Bob A so be it! But there must be a process !   


One response to “Amazing ! Christina board pres Hypocritical of Red Clay property owners

  1. Publius e decere

    The WEIC is rapidly becoming an Island Of Misfit Ideas. But it is not a holiday toy story. WEIC leadership says nothing to assuage the concerns of Red Clay residents, meeting after meeting. Big time local taxes are on the way unless the State Board, the General Assembly, and the Governor stand up and (just) say no.