Kilroy’s Gun Control Agenda: Phase 1

Honestly we must take gun control reform serious. Right here and right now Kilroy is starting a national movement on real gun control reform.

Phase 1: Those individuals  living the United States  illegally or with a Green Card will be prohibited from owning or possessing any type of firearms and / or ammunition.

The right to bear arms is reserved for American citizens.  Penalty: No bail and immediate deportation after trial.    


10 responses to “Kilroy’s Gun Control Agenda: Phase 1

  1. KUDOS. This is true common sense crime management.


  2. So you think only illegal immigrants and Green Card holders commit gun crimes.

    Where is the common sense in that ?


  3. Publius e decere

    Actually, Kilroy is asserting that citizen rights are reserved for citizens. Seems pretty straightforward.


  4. A) Confiscate all guns from the inner cities with the highest levels of violence. Do this in door to door sweeps. Any illegal guns found automatic 15 years.

    B) Must legally be in the country for 10 years before applying for a gun permit

    C) Anyone charge with a violent crime in the past is unable to own a gun and if is found with one is automatic 15 years


  5. Gun control laws only affect law abiding citizens. Criminals and terrorists don’t give a s$%t. Gun control laws would not stop the majority of gun crimes. Inventing scenarios where a gun control law might work, ignores the reality that hindsight is 20/20 and that Monday morning quarterbacking is always with the knowledge of what happened the previous day.

    Arthur’s recommendations while well intentioned violate the Constitution and Bill of Rights and if we can’t round up illegal immigrants who are in plain sight (based on politicians comments of too costly and burdensome), how would we ever get a door to door confiscation. Does anyone really believe our government has the efficiency to monitor who’s been in the country 10 years. Finally, if you’ve been charged with a violent crime, you probably can’t pass the background check anyway. Wait, we’d also have implement different rules for different people because our criminal justice system is racist per the recent WNJ college student editorial. To deny some groups a gun would be racist and discriminatory. Don’t laugh, you know it would happen.

    Kilroys suggestion begs the question, Why are they here illegally? We can’t even get illegal aliens deported without 15 million exceptions.

    Common sense would be understanding that in a Free/ open society, there will be bad people who do bad things. Who knew you could bring down a building with a fertilizer bomb before McVey did it? What’s the response, make it unlawful to buy fertilizer? People kill other people just by driving their car and having an accident. What’s the response, ban all cars? Cars kill people and we have licensing, insurance, registration, etc. which are all required. Does it stop the criminal who steals one and uses it in a crime and goes on a high speed car chase? Why would gun controls be any different. Even licensing of guns wouldn’t have stopped the Radical Islamic terrorist act. He was a citizen, why would a U.S. citizen attack fellow Americans in a facility where the function was to help people. No form of gun control would have stopped this lunatic or his wife. He built pipe bombs, are you prepared to ban pipe at the home depot?


    • lastDEconservative

      The estimable M queries, ” … are you prepared to ban pipe at the home depot?”

      Of course, some are … delacrat and all her allies and komrades come to mind. Not that you don’t know, M, you do, but just to perchance awaken a half asleep citizen too long subjected to the nonsense from the socialists to a ‘duh’ moment …

      … gun control is less about guns, much more about control. As is all their agenda.


    • lastDEconservative

      One other quick “duh” observation. Imagine for a moment the barkers DID sweep clean, let’s say all of Williamston, in the name of ending gun violence. They manifestly could, as measured by resources and time. BUT, they won’t. They are evil, but not stupid. Five minutes after the cleansing, when the next victim lies bleeding in the street, they’ll have to create a WHOLE NEW BOGEYMAN! Evil, not stupid, lazy. Maybe not even lazy, just perfectly satisfied with the gig they have, harrumphing around about the rotten conditions, as if they and their policies in place lo, these many years, were not the problem.


  6. lastDEconservative

    Meantime, in other news to make you snooze:

    The Wall Street Journal News Alert 12/9/2015 noon
    U.S. Senate Votes to Replace ‘No Child Left Behind’ Law

    The Senate voted to replace the 13-year-old No Child Left Behind law, returning to the states significant powers to determine how poorly performing schools should be improved and curbing the authority of the secretary of education.

    The Senate in a 85-12 vote cleared legislation that will guide about $26 billion federal spending annually from preschool through 12th grade. Already approved by the House last week, the bill now goes to President Barack Obama, who has indicated he will sign it. The legislation maintains annual testing to identify groups of students that are failing, but empowers states to come up with their own standards and determine how to revamp schools that don’t make the grade.