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One response to “Free Toilet Paper For Life

  1. lastDEconservative

    This is where I stopped reading. Not that I didn’t already know the article was just another rehash (how stupid do you have to be to think that way the money is confiscated from the makers will change the results as it is squandered as usual by the takers? Hmm?)

    “If a high-poverty school wants to pay for a reading specialist to get students reading at grade level, it might not be able to afford a gifted and talented teacher.”

    For all the bright bulb denizens out there who believe that the statement is legit, riddle me this. Why is not the mentality …

    “If a high-poverty school wants to pay for a -gifted and talented teacher-, it might not be able to afford a -reading specialist to get students reading at grade level-.”

    In other words, why not try (have we not yet exhausted an Edisonesque quantity of failed trys?) rewarding, encouraging, supporting, unleashing those who can to do? Since all the ratings that the denizens all love are based on collective (socialistic) results instead of individual, you should all realize that my proposal will let you relax and lower your blood pressure as the result will surely be an increase in the overall performance of groups, schools, districts, and yes, even the People’s Republic in toto. The underlying dismal reality will still be there, but better masked and even unquestioned in the face of the 28 pt. boldface headline of incremental improvement of some statistical measure or another.

    And what of the word Kil’s fave (my second, of course) union thug chose, “wants”; it should be “needs”, no? (Of course, for the sake of argument, I’m setting aside the fact that, John’s handwringing aside, if classroom teachers are not sufficiently “specialists” to teach grade level reading, or versed sufficiently in pedagogy to “specialize” the approach to each needy charge, then why is she in front of the class in the first place?

    There is though, a glimmer of “progress.” I must admit, New Kid on the Block, the next Next Big Thing, The Right Rev. Tony, is getting with the program as far as creating and crouching behind distractions … is it just me, or has He yet to actually solve anything? He has “progressed” with his rhetoric just almost to the point of never having to show a real result. One more increment of polishing his commentary, and his Reward for Trying will be ensured, his bold promises long forgotten and forgiven.