NCLB replacement strips Title 1 parents of unique powers and does nothing to address local control at the district and school level


Gone is Title 1 Section 1118. Title 1 parents no long will have this uniqe power. However, it was swept under the rug with the NCLB waviers. In a nutshell, Title 1 parents never had a say in Red Clay when Red Clay decided to sign a sweetheart deal with Teach for American putting non education majors in the most neediest schools. 5 weeks of training is all they got! Title 1 parents had no say in Race to The Top, Title 1 parents had no say in Common Core Standards and Title parents had no say in the Smarter Balanced Assessment.  

The good Wilmington brothers look the other was as the work of William Hicks Anderson gets demolished. 

House passes No Child Left Behind rewrite By Maggie Severns 12/02/15 07:27 PM EST Updated 12/02/15 08:13 PM EST

And the bill would prevent the education secretary from pushing national standards like the Common Core — a set of reading and math standards spread in part through Obama administration incentives.

Delaware state legislators already adopted Common Core Standards and we’re stuck with it!

Unions pushed hard for a bill that placed less emphasis on test scores — which have been used in recent years to rate and, in some cases, fire teachers. The bill would allow states to focus much less on test scores than under current law.

So in Delaware The Smarter Balanced Assessment results test can’t be held against teachers evaluations. Fair enough! But why are students still required to take this flawed test?

Putting an end to NCLB as we know it is a good thing. However, in Delaware the DAMAGE IS DONE! The laws and education regulation have been manipulated to appease the likes of RODEL!  As far as local control down to the school districts! BULLSHIT! Delaware DOE will continue to be an obstructionist as long as the Delaware Secretary of Education is an appointee of the governor! Same goes for the Delaware State Board of Education. CLUSTER-FUCKS!

Folks, it will take every bit of 4-5 years to undo the Markell damage and rebuild the Delaware Department of Education. The rewrite of NCLB will have little impact in advancing local control where it matters, at the school level where parents have a real voice! Delaware PTA is at a positive turning point and now understands they can’t subservient to our governor! Delaware PTA should never endorse any political candidate.  

Those who want to blame George Bush for NCLB better revise the history and you’ll see Ted Kennedy’s stamp on NCLP.

Delaware parents must stay the course and be more visible at school board meetings and weigh in on the issues. Blaming Sammy for everything isn’t the right thing to do! Though the Sammy’s of the world are nothing more then shields for superintendents they (their professional positions) are somewhat fair-game, parents need to step around the Sammy’s and point the finger at the real and only decision-maker, the superintendent.  


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