Delaware charter school one vote away from closure after being open for only 3 months: DE DOE to BLAME

Committee recommends charter revocation for Delaware MET in Wilmington By Amy Cherry WDEL

The state’s Charter School Accountability Committee recommended Tuesday that the state Board of Education revoke Delaware MET’s charter in January, meaning the school’s 210 students could be forced to move to another school for the second half of the school year.

The Wilmington high school, which just opened in the fall, has come under scrutiny for alleged academic, operational and financial problems. Delaware MET was placed on probation on October 15, just six weeks after the start of the school year.

How is it possible for a Delaware charter school to fall flat on it’s face in 3 months? The Delaware Department of Education takes pride in their charter school approval framework. Obviously the entire charter school approval process is flawed! When will Governor Markell show some real courage and make an executive order and put a three-year moratorium on new charter school application AND FIRE EVERY SINGLE EMPLOYEE IN THE DE DOE CHARTER SCHOOL UNIT. These Teach for America rejects blow smoke up Markell’s ass!     

If the school is forced to close on January 22, 2016, the Delaware Department of Education said children would return to their district schools in their feeder pattern or would have the option of “choicing” into another district or charter school with open enrollment.

SUCKS! These kids should be given school vouchers allowing them to get out of the grips of the failing Delaware Department of Education.

“Every child deserves an opportunity for an excellent public education. To make that happen, you have to sometimes make the hard decisions. This is going to be a hard decision,” Massett said.

Hey Popeye Chuck! You created this Frankenstein and she is part of the problem. So its too bad for these kids and we’ll sacrifice them so we can improve!

 “The alternative is to leave kids in a school…that is not a good school,” explained Massett. “I did not agree with the kids staying at Moyer last year after revocation because you’ve sent the message that the school is not a good school.”

The alternative to an incompetent Delaware Department of Education is a competent one! What kind of organization collects membership fees then jams them in the back! 



4 responses to “Delaware charter school one vote away from closure after being open for only 3 months: DE DOE to BLAME

  1. Far be it from me to defend them, but the DOE did their job here. They took immediate and fast action once they received notice of the issues. If you want to blame someone, take a jab at the State Board of Education. They were the crazy ones who approved 8 charters to open up in a two year timeframe.


    • kilroysdelaware

      They didn’t do their job because they approved the application via a flawed process. The state board members are just puppets!


  2. The Delaware Met application was approved years ago, when the deal we had a different Secretary of Education, the church office had a different leader, and the charter school approval criteria required by law was different. ALL of those changes your post and your comments are talking about have already been made.


  3. But the application was approved years ago, when the DOE had a different Secretary, and the Charter School Office had different leadership and people. So all the people your comment says are responsible are already not there. Shouldn’t your headline read “DOE has already done the right thing”?