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Delaware Governor Jack Markell

When Governor Markell was running the Wall Street Ed Agenda DuPont slipped away

Delaware Jack Markell is no doubt the worst Delaware governor on education reform in the state’s history. However, his obsession with appeasing the likes of Rodel and the Wall Street crowed bent on re-engineering public education did very little for Delaware employment.

Markell’s education battle crying is focused around “STEM” and the so-called global economy. Markell claims employers won’t come to Delaware or stay in Delaware unless we have an army of STEM soldiers streaming out of our high schools and colleges.

Folks the global economy is slowing down and for sure the world will need the top 10% of STEM grads. But what do you do with the other 90%? Governor Markell is on the wrong history with his overemphasis on STEM. Jack Markell also pushing the expansion of Chinese language immersion programs in Delaware public schools. The odds are only about 1% of those students will grow up and use their Chinese language skills in job applications. Delaware has made the turn towards shifting to a service-based economy away from manufacturing. Also, as in the rest of the nation, Delaware has seen its influx of Spanish speaking immigrants.

One would think it if anything we should see an expansion of immersion Spanish language program. Advancement is Delaware’s service based employment might hinge on “managers” and “supervisors” being bilingual in English and Spanish to support a growing Spanish or limited Spanish speaking workforce. Delaware African-Americans will be the most negatively impacted. Not only by the inability to have a chance for these managers and supervisors position but will have limited access the grunt jobs within. Remember, its managers and supervisors who do the hiring.

Delaware Governor Jack Markell turns a blind-eye to the fact, black high school graduates and even black college graduates are at a disadvantage then their white peers. How? because they are black!

Our Delaware economy is severally fractured at the root. Governor Markell can surround himself with hand-chosen minorities in Delaware. But he does nothing to address discrimination in Delaware public school system. Markell knows in his heart the charter school law is laced with discrimination and damn well knows racist hands penned it. Jack Markell will sing the song, “we need to address it”.But stalls buying time as not to offend the white status-quo. Jack plays the fence quite well.

Markell cuts deals with Fisker and Bloom for “promises” of jobs and lack the courage to pull the plug when those promises are met. Jack imposed a backdoor takes that funds Bloom.  

Even with the DuPont crisis before us, Governor Jack Markell will boast of his success reviving Delaware’s economy. He’ll talk of where the unemployment rate was when he took office and where it is now. But will not mention the 50% unemployment rate for Wilmington blacks over the age of 20.

Folks Delaware Governor Jack Markell campaigned on his Blue Print and has painted himself in the corner with his own paint and brush. He’ll present a picture of yea, things are tough but we Delawareans will rise to the occasion! Our newly unemployed are “STEM” folks so what encouragement with that give our future STEM workforce? Lets give Jack the benefit of the doubt for a moment! Lets assume their is a demand for “STEM”. So I guess we won’t see a spike in long-term unemployment in Delaware! Career recruiters will be scooping up Uncle Dupy’s throw-aways!  We’ll be left with those support services unemployed and a ripple in the local economy. Gee what? Could that me job losses in the service sector! Well one thing for sure, with all the newly laid-off STEM folks the price of home prices will go down. With the addition to all the homes added to the multi-list surely the supply will be greater than demand which in-turn will drive down home sale prices.

Back to Governor Jack Markell! Jack, you’re in over your head! You kept your blinders on! Jack, look at the numbers driving the global economy! When gasoline hits $1.85 a gallon the trigger for a major U.S. recession will be pulled. And don’t play if off on a mild winter.

The bright-side of all this gloom is, 2016 is the last of Jack Markell being Delaware’s Governor.  Thanks for the memories Jack.            

Parent Opt-Out Veto Override Rally 1/14/16, I Know What You Have Been Up To Governor Markell

Exceptional Delaware

The Delaware PTA is hosting a parent rally at Legislative Hall in Dover on January 14th, at 2pm.  This event is changed from January 12th.  Please make every effort to attend: parents, students, citizens, teachers, administrators, superintendents, charter heads, and anyone else you can think of.  The latest bomb from the US DOE about opt-out is a slap in the face of every single parent of a child in public school America.  We need to make this standardized high-stakes testing madness stop.  Take off work that day, bring your kids, and support the God-given, fundamental and constitutional rights of parents.  This is YOUR moment.  Do not let it pass.  For school employees, bring the students on a field trip that day and show them how democracy in America works best.  This is about parents rights, pure and simple.  This is not a civil rights issue.  If anything, the…

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“It takes a village Hillary” Clinton will close 50,000 public school

Hillary Clinton: If Elected President, I’ll Shut Down 50,000 Public Schools

“I wouldn’t keep any school open that wasn’t doing a better than average job.”

“If a school’s not doing a good job, then, you know, that may not be good for the kids,” she continued. Clinton did not elaborate on how a school doing a poor job could possibly be good for the kids.

During her remarks, Clinton did not state which specific performance metrics she would use to determine whether a school was performing adequately, nor did she say where children who had been attending average or below-average schools shut down by her administration could go for their educational needs.

What do you think Publius! Should I continue to fight for those school board recording?

It looks like the end of the road for Kilroy’s one man mission to require all traditional public schools, Votech school districts and charter school boards to record their board meetings.

So far we have the state board of education required by law to record their meetings and Red Clay, Christina, Brandywine,  Colonial, Appoquinimink, Capital and Delmar school districts all volunteer to record their meetings. 

I am not one for giving up and I honestly believe recording board meetings will make a different and allow the public a better opportunity to engage the issues. 

148th General Assembly
House Bill 61


Primary Sponsor(s):


Additional Sponsor(s):    Sen. Peterson


Reps. Briggs King, Dukes, Hensley, Yearick, Baumbach, Bolden, Jaques, Lynn, Matthews, Osienski, Paradee, K. Williams; Sens. Bonini, Lavelle

Introduced On:


Long Title:


Synopsis of Original Bill:

(without Amendments)

This bill requires that all public meetings of the boards of education of public school districts, vo-tech school districts, and public meetings of charter schools’ boards of directors be digitally recorded and made available to the public on the districts’ and charter schools’ websites within seven business days. The recordings will not be considered the official board minutes.
Currently the Red Clay Consolidated School District, Christina School District, and the Capital School District on a voluntary basis approved by their boards of education have been providing the public digital recordings of their board public session meetings via the district’s websites.
The Delaware State Board of Education is required by the State Board of Education to make available within one business day digital recordings of its board meetings on the Delaware Department of Education’s website.

Current Status:

Out of Committee   On  05/06/15

Date Governor Acted:


Effective Date:

Volume Chapter:


Full Text of Legislation:

(HTML format)

Legis.html     Email this Bill to a friend

Then this failed attempt that made it through House Education Committee and House Appropriations Committee to end with a desk drawer veto by Speaker of The House Peter Schwartzkopf. 

147th General Assembly
House Bill # 23

Primary Sponsor:


Additional Sponsor(s):    Sen. Peterson


Reps. Dukes, D. Short, Miro, Peterman, Wilson, Baumbach, Bennett, Mitchell, K. Williams; Sens. Hocker, Lavelle, Simpson, Townsend

Introduced on :


Long Title:


Synopsis of Orginal Bill:

(without Amendments)

This bill requires that all public meetings of the boards of education of traditional public school districts, vo-tech school districts, and public meetings of charter schools’ boards of directors be digitally recorded and made available to the public on the districts’ and charter schools’ websites within seven business days. The recordings will not be considered the official board minutes.
Currently the Red Clay Consolidated School District, Christina School District, and the Capital School District on a voluntary basis approved by their boards of education have been providing the public digital recordings of their board public session meetings via the district’s websites.
The Delaware State Board of Education is required by the State Board of Education to make available within one business day digital recordings of its board meetings on the Delaware Department of Education’s website.

Current Status:

Out of Committee   On   03/27/2014

Full text of Legislation:

(in HTML format)


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Full text of Legislation:

(in MS Word format)

Legis.Docx   (Microsoft Word is required to view this document.)

Fiscal Notes/Fee Impact:

F/N (Complete)


HA 1 to HB 23 – PWB
HA 2 to HB 23 – PWB

Committee Reports:

House Committee Report 03/27/13 F=6 M=4 U=0—->Committee Report
House Committee Report 03/27/14 F=0 M=5 U=0—->Committee Report

Fiscal Notes:

Fiscal Note——->Fiscal Note

Actions History:

Mar 31, 2014 – Reported Out of Committee (APPROPRIATIONS) in House with 5 On Its Merits
Jun 11, 2013 – Amendment HA 2 – Introduced and Placed With Bill
Jun 04, 2013 – Assigned to Appropriations Committee in House
Mar 27, 2013 – Reported Out of Committee (EDUCATION) in House with 6 Favorable, 4 On Its Merits
Mar 27, 2013 – Amendment HA 1 – Introduced and Placed With Bill
Jan 23, 2013 – Introduced and Assigned to Education Committee in House

OMG!! We have a Red Clay board candidate already

RED CLAY CONSOLIDATED SCHOOL DISTRICT District “F” expires 2021 – Joseph A. Weeks, Jr. (11-23-15)

OMG! Red Clay’s Community Financial Review Committee (CFRC) supports property reassessments and board raising tax without referendum

Wilmington Education Improvement Commission

Public Comments Received

CFRC Statement The CFRC reviewed the attached Items to be Considered for the Fiscal Year 2017 Budget presented by Jill Floore at the CFRC October 2015 meeting. The CFRC recognizes its main concern and obligation is to protect and maintain the financial integrity and viability of the district, including the districts ongoing improvement plans, for all Red Clay residents and students. The CFRC believes Red Clay provides superior educational programs. However, expanding these programs or incorporating additional students brings extensive challenges. The CFRC supports moving forward with the WEIC plan if and only if funding is included in the Governor’s recommended budget in January and approved by the state legislature as part of the Fiscal Year 2017 Budget plan. In the short term, dedicated funding commitments must be made. In the long term, a specific Action Plan must be developed and adopted now in order to ensure the future success and financial viability of Red Clay. These funding items are:

 Weighted funding to meet the needs of all low income students and English Language Learners

 Transition funding to support redistricting planning to move students to Red Clay

 Facilities assessments and major and minor capital improvement monies to address deferred maintenance and support upgrades and programming changes for schools being transitioned to Red Clay

 Property tax reassessments in all New Castle County districts that recur regularly and on a rolling basis

 Ability of the school board to set and adjust operating taxes yearly, which power will remain in effect until the property tax reassessment occurs.

 No disproportionate tax impact on current Red Clay residents

 State funding for early childhood education

As the WEIC committees work through issues and analyze data, actual and sufficient dollar amounts need to be attached to each of the above items. Without adequate, clear and consistent funding that cannot be removed by the State at a whim or when times get tough, the CFRC believes that the WEIC plan would expose Red Clay to unacceptable financial risk which will be detrimental to the current students and the Red Clay community.

WTF ?? Is Red Clay’s Community Financial Review Committee aka CFRC endorsing  property reassessment on a rolling basis and give Red Clay school board the authority to raise property taxes without referendum  The the “R” is for review and the allowing this committee having so much say in regards to collecting taxes at-will compromises the original intend to be an “oversight body”.  This is a dangerous path the committee is taking!

Get this, the following is taken from Red Clay’s CFRC November 10, 2015 committee meeting minutes, “Mr. Pappenhagen asked if we needed to give a vote of support of the WEIC submission. Mr. Floore stated that a statement has already been submitted to the Board. The Board used that recommendation during their workshop. The Board’s recommendation mirrored the submission.” See page 7 here.

More November 10, 2015 CFRC Meeting minutes:”Moving forward, this Committee would have the opportunity to make a n official public comment on the WEIC draft or make the same statement as part of the public record. It is not part of the WEIC public record. Mr. Doolittle stated that the final draft is going to the State December 9th. Therefore, if we want to vote tonight it will be in time for the WEIC report.” 

More November 10, 2015  CFRC Metting minutes: “Mr. Doolittle made the motion that this Committee’s recommendation previously submitted to our Board be submitted to WEIC as part of the public comment to the State, Mr. Pappenhagen seconded, the motion carried.” 

Board Approves Draft Red Clay WEIC Plan

The Red Clay Board of Education approved a draft framework on how the district would carry out a proposal to absorb Wilmington schools and students from the Christina and Colonial school districts at a special meeting held Nov. 2, 2015

Look at the dates folks CFRC meeting was November 10, 2015 and the board approved the draft framework on November 2, 2015. Also make note Red Clay scrubbed Reference to November 2, 2015 from BoardDoc aka public view and when you go to this Red Clay announcement on the district’s web page the  link to “read the plan” does not go to the plan. 

Here is the a section of Red Clay CFRC by-laws

ARTICLE III -PURPOSE The purpose of the organization shall be to provide an organized structure that will assist the Red Clay Consolidated School District Board of Education with financial oversight of and ensure community involvement in Red Clay’s budgetary processes. The Committee will:

l. Monitor current spending, its relationship to the budget and the district’s overall financial health (this may include examination of historic, current and projected financial data);

2. Provide affirmation/verification of financial information to Red Clay School Board which includesthe development of a monthly financial report;

3. Provide a medium for the dissemination of financial information and materials to the community relative to Red Clay School District and promote an understanding of the budget process;

4. Provide consultation and guidance to the Red Clay School Board on mattersrelating to finance and perform other review and recommendation functions as directed by the Board.



700 Finance and Personnel 736 Local School District and Charter School Citizen Budget Oversight Committees

736 Local School District and Charter School Citizen Budget Oversight Committees 1.0 Purpose 1.1 The purpose of this regulation is to outline procedures, criteria and responsibilities related to the local school district and charter school Citizen Budget Oversight Committees required pursuant to 14 Del.C. §1508. The Citizen Budget Oversight Committee is solely established to oversee the financial position of the local school district or charter school it is assigned to oversee. The local school board or charter school board shall retain all policy and decision-making authorities granted pursuant to Delaware Code

Why are white high school diplomas more valued than black high school diplomas in Delaware’s employment search ?

Parent engagement matters most for student success Education series: Yvonne Johnson and Chandra Pitts /Delaware Online

When parents and families are engaged in their children’s education, the outcomes are significantly better. Virtually all parents and families want to be involved and supportive. The challenge is to put engagement into practice, but that is not always easy. Engagement requires time, effort, and knowledge of how to positively influence the education of your child. For some, engagement means heading up the PTA, baking cookies for the school fundraiser, volunteering during the school day, or chaperoning class trips. Yes, that is engagement.

However, direct engagement means working with your child at home and representing your child’s interest in a very complex public education system. Engagement also means giving a voice to the interests of all children. Engagement is particularly difficult for low-income families in which parents, or a single parent, work several jobs, work overtime, balance competing demands with limited resources, have limited or no transportation to reach their child’s school, and struggle just to keep their family safe and secure.

For all the challenges, nothing that can be more influential in a child’s education or in the overall success of a school than the active engagement of parents and families who give voice to the interests of all children and actively support the efforts of educators.

So now we know the layers of involvement and engagement. And the facts remain, no matter what school district your child attends you lack of involvement and engagement has the most direct impact on your child’s academic success. Wilmington Christina students will do no better at the hands of the Red Clay Plantation. If Wilmington’s Christina parents don’t have the will or grit to take back Christina they won’t be effective in Red Clay.  Red Clay has failed many Wilmington children for years! STOP THE PRESSES WAIT!!!!!!!!!! Sorry Mr. Matthews that comment was a bit unfair and may suggest Red Clay teachers are failing! No the case! Red Clay administration has failed and sadly the school board hasn’t fully grasped the fact that the super serves at their pleasure. What plan has the super ever brought before the board to address the inequalities of Red Clay’s Wilmington resident middle and high school students? NONE. If new suburban elementary schools and the expansion of Brandywine to grade eight was required to comply with Neighborhood Schools Act why would adding traditional middle and high school services in the city? Wait, I remember the side-bar! Suburban parents won’t support capital referendums to build new schools in Wilmington.

We have never known a more important time for parents, students, and families to unite and raise their voices in support of the efforts now underway to strengthen Wilmington education. The proposals from the Wilmington Education Improvement Commission need and deserve voices of support from parents and families—not only in the city but also throughout New Castle County and Delaware.

Coded message!!!!!!!! “Raise their voices in support and WEIC deserve voices of support”. In other words, put the blinders on and filter-out the naysayers! Ladies if this is an issue impacting New Castle County why not go back to a one county school district? Marl my words now! Putting Christina’s Wilmington children under the care of the Red Clay Plantation  is a big mistake that will see referendums every three years and the result will be the same and data intentional skewed!  If we’re going to advocate for all of Delaware’s public education it must start with reducing class sizes by adding more teachers and paraprofessional.

All parents and families have a stake in the success of these efforts. And the stakes are high. The success and failure of public education in Delaware and its largest city is impacting every area of life for our entire community.

If true we is the call to end social promotion? 

Test scores do not capture how well our education system is working. Rather, the real indicators are long-term socioeconomic factors that impact us all: High rates of crime, violence, poverty, and drug use are further compounded by the lack of livable-wage employment opportunities

And the success stories coming out of poverty pretty much all have the same common denominator, thank you mom for being my rock and pushes me to learn. You can’t force a child to learn! You can only inspire and ensure they not be subjected to social promotion. For the last two generations, many students were handed an empty high school diploma and parents cheering at graduation are clueless to the lie! 

The school drop out rate in Wilmington is 60 percent, and nearly 130 Delaware children are expelled from school annually. These issues are far reaching 

Where is that data listed in the official Delaware Department of Education’s High School Dropout Report? The 2013-2014 dropout rate for black high school students is 3% statewide. There were 515 students listed for all of New Castle County. New Castle County represented 63.3% of all dropouts state wide. The fact is, there is no data in the state report indication the dropout rate for those student residing in Wilmington. Furthermore, there is no data at the district high school level indicating race. Red Clay school board refusing to provide a more comprehensive report on individual high schools.

I don’t doubt the 60% figure however, what percentage of those living in Wilmington with high school diplomas are unemployed. “The unemployment rate among African Americans with high school diplomas and no postsecondary education was 15.9 percent, while that of similarly situated whites was 8.4 percent. Finally, the unemployment rate of African American college graduates was 6.9 percent, while the unemployment rate among white college graduates was a mere 3.9 percent. ”  Sounds like just being black puts you on unequal footing! 

The goal of public education is to make sure that every student has a chance to excel, both in school and in life. Education is not “the great equalizer” when schools serving low-income students receive fewer resources, face greater difficulties attracting the best teachers and are ill equipped to meet the diversity of student needs.

So we can agree Red Clay puts greater emphasis is meeting the demands of more affluent suburban parents than that of high poverty Wilton School? “Attracting the best teachers” Boy isn’t that a slap in Dan Rich’s face! The U of D has been proving many of Delaware’s public school teachers! We have amazing young individuals coming into Red Clay schools with dreams of making a difference. But they go into battle with limited resources and are told to suck it up! Their referrals re: students in need of extensive evaluations end up waiting months and fall further behind. But in the meantime teachers are ask to do their best until reinforcements come! Students and lack of parental involvement isn’t burning teachers out but rather the inability of administrators and school board’s ability to send tangible help. Case in point, Red Clay’s implementation of inclusion transition. 

As parents, family members, and community partners, our role is to speak up to ensure the highest student outcomes possible. We need to raise our voices for children throughout Wilmington and Delaware. A key component of the commission’s proposals for change is focused on strengthening parent and family engagement.

Red Clay eliminated their district level Title 1 Parent Advisory Board because those parents were successful in exposing misuse of federal funds whereas Red Clay had to payback and rubber-stamping names if Title parents on the Consolidated Grant Application participation assurances subjected to Provision J. Jack Markell put a code red on the Delaware Parent Advisory Council because certain minority members questioned his education agenda. Red Clay went with a district-wide parent involvement committee representative of all NCLB sub-grants and  they used their annual event as the means to ensure they were meeting the letter of the law re: Required Title 1 Annual Meeting specifically for Title 1 parents. Red Clay and Markell failed to follow federal law Title 1 Section 1118 now eliminated via rewrite of NCLB / ESEA. PTA is not the official voice of all parents! PTA has been too pro Markell over the years to be valid! Why wasn’t Jea Street invited to be on the WEIC? Where was the NAACP?

We believe that accomplishing this is critical to all other changes. We are committed to reaching out to parents and family members in Wilmington and beyond to help them become more engaged and active agents for the improvement of public education for all Delaware children.

Going to sell WEIC with a different flavor Kool-aid? So how do you convince black parents you mean it this time? What plans are there is end racial discrimination in hiring practices! Why is a white high school diploma more valued than a black high school diploma?  

Tony Allen and Dan Rich are looking down the wrong end of the telescope

It’s now or never for fixing Wilmington schools Education series; Tony Allen and Dan Rich

Today thousands of Wilmington children, most of them poor, black, or Latino, still do not have access to high-quality public education. Judged on most outcomes—test scores, truancy, graduation rates, college attendance, socio-emotional well-being, drug use, homelessness, arrests, and unemployment—these children have become data points for a system of failure.

Burned the remainder of this article and address the question of over-use of data and ignoring what “teachers” have been say for the last 20 years. The money, millions up millions being pissed away on unneeded federally driven state assessment and data collecting could have been better spend providing tangible tools in the classroom.  I am Mike Mattews could add merit to teacher classroom observations on which student is in need of intervention academically and socially, such as support from parents.  But the end of third grade its too late for many kids and by the end of middle school its way beyond too late. Sure we have wonderful dropout prevention programs but many of those student barely meet the standards. The drive to lower the dropout rate seems more about ending the embarrassment aka egg on the face of the superintendent.

As far as access to high-quality public education Mr. Allen and Mr. Rich! Where is your call to end discriminatory barriers in charter school admission. Why are we allowed to have charter schools that “cherry-pick?” Even Red Clay magnet schools have admission requirements.

The school reforms driven by No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top, for the most part, also have not worked.

Here is the part where I tell everybody to go FUCK THEMSELVES! I sat in on Red Clay’s board’s Race to The Top MOU meeting vote.

Where you Mr. Rich and Mr. Allen? Also, Governor Markell and Red Clay did not follow the law re: Title 1 Section 1118. Title 1 parents didn’t have any engagement in the planning of RTTT, Common Core Standards or the Smarter Balance Assessment. Even before attending the Red Clay RTTT MOU meeting myself and other who refused to drink the Kool-aid  were sounding off and opposing RTTT. Mr. Allen you love affair with Rodel is shameful! How dare you back-peddle on Race to The Top!

Last week, the U.S. Congress essentially repealed No Child Left Behind, returning to the states the responsibility for initiatives to improve public education.

And what good does it after Markell jams his wrongheaded education agenda seeded in federal intervention through Delaware’s House of Representation and Senate? The there are those state reg modification where the law permits the state board free hand to manipulate. The damage is done!!!!

Over the last 16 months, a community group of parents, students, teachers, district and charter representatives, and community leaders has worked passionately to chart a viable path for strengthening Wilmington education.

And the answer is, farm-over Wilmington’s black children to the Red Clay Plantation. Red Clay takes pride in creating Charter School of Wilmington and yet is shielded from the blame on the Specific Interest admission preference on the law. Funny thing about that is , the hands of certain Red Clay folks held the hand of Governor Carper when he signed the Delaware Charter School Law. Red Clay when as far as applied the “Specific Interest” preference to Conrad a district magnet school. How do your serve Wilmington’s black children by allow a district with racist dirty hands sever them?

And the answer is, farm-over Wilmington’s black children to the Red Clay Plantation. Red Clay takes pride in creating Charter School of Wilmington and yet is shielded from the blame on the Specific Interest admission preference on the law. Funny thing about that is , the hands of certain Red Clay folks held the hand of Governor Carper when he signed the Delaware Charter School Law. Red Clay when as far as applied the “Specific Interest” preference to Conrad a district magnet school. How do your serve Wilmington’s black children by allow a district with racist dirty hands sever them?

Tony Allen is the Chairman of the Wilmington Education Improvement Commission (WEIC), a senior executive with Bank of America, and a Whitney M. Young, Jr. Awardee for Advancing Racial Equality, the National Urban League’s highest honor. Dan Rich is the Policy Director for WEIC, and University Professor of Public Policy and former Provost at the University of Delaware. He is the architect of the University’s Commitment to Delawareans, a program that prepares Delaware high school students for admission to UD and supports them financially.  

Kilroy is the town idiot, a former Title 1 Student with a GED and a pocketful of college credits. What does Kilroy know about the struggles of failing students who are all alone and lacks family support networks? What does Kilroy know about the loneliness of walking the halls of his school feeling like an outcast? I ask, with all the amazing PhD’s setting the path for public education for the last 100 years why is public education so fucked up?   


Something for Kavips

cop 22

Wilmington’s WEIC Plan Not Needed! There is a better way!

State board of ed: Give us the redistricting bottom line number; , The News Journal

What’s in the plan?

The WEIC plan is almost 200 pages long and proposes a swath of sweeping changes to how the state manages and funds public schools. Here are some highlights:

• In Wilmington, the Christina School District would give all of its schools and students in the city limits to the Red Clay School District, a move commission members say will create a more unified vision for the city’s schools. 

• WEIC originally wanted Colonial, which operates no schools in the city limits, to give its Wilmington students to Red Clay too. But it relented after protests from the Colonial School Board.

• Schools statewide would get extra state funding if they have high concentrations of students in poverty or learning English as a second language. That’s a move to close the large, long-standing gap in academic performance between at-risk kids and other students.

• Property taxes could be re-assessed, something that hasn’t happened since the 1970s or 1980s, depending on the county. WEIC leaders say the long out-of-date assessments have played havoc with the local money school districts raise through property taxes and caused some folks to pay more than their property is really worth.

• The state would take steps to better coordinate the work of nonprofits that serve youth, tying them more closely to the work going on in school buildings.

This radical “harmful” change isn’t needed and is too costly!

I didn’t waste my time attending any of these bullshit Governor Markell inspired meetings! Markell the so-called change agent has done more to damage Delaware’s public education than all governors before him combined! Sorry to say this but here goes, having Delaware’s Governor Jack Markell leading the charge on public school reform that addresses the needs of black children, is like inviting the KKK to each and every black child’s christening. The only race the won Race to The Top is the white Wall Street race! Again, why is it a bunch of white male billion and millionaires are setting the agenda to reform public education for the benefit of black children? Every time there is a movement to reform public education to improve education for black children it ends up with more administrators and more consultants and never tangible means to effectively reduce class sizes such as more teachers and paraprofessionals ? Governor Jack Markell owns the Delaware Department of Education and the Delaware State Board of Education including Heff!  Right now its all a pony and dog show and at the end of the day Governor Jack Markell wins! A major victory for his white Wall Street profiteers feeding of the backs of our high poverty children.

Wilmington’s problems are Wilmington’s problems! And the answering are within the Wilmington community. Red Clay does not have the capacity or will to do what is right for black students! Harsh but true! They created Conrad a all Choice magnet school that caused the shifting of feeder-patterns sending Alban Park and Robinson Lane children whom most are minority and high poverty to schools further from home. And the sick part of it all, buses carrying them drive right past Conrad. Red Clay shifted high concentrated pockets of poverty student to other schools like Skyline without putting resources in place. Conrad wasn’t “turned around”! What happen was, out with the blacks in with the whites!

As I stated before, my family has lived in what is know as Red Clay for over 100 years and the racist are chameleons blending in the background within the system. The inception of charter schools was seeded to appease affluent white parents. The Neighborhood Schools Act is a masquerade party to justify building new suburban schools serving predominately white children while not building traditional middle and high schools in Wilmington.  Wilmington Red Clay propriety owners are building schools for white suburban students while their own suffers. Red Clay, “we had to build those schools to be compliant with The Neighborhood Schools Act.” Yet fuck the black kids in Wilmington. Why do Wilmington leaders want to hand their children over to Red Clay? 

Per the WEIC data, Christina’s School District Low Income “City” ELA academic proficiency performance was 38% whereas, Red Clay’s was 41%. Such radical change because of 3% variance? Math , Red Clay 36% and Christina 33%. Where is the fire?? 

If you want to use the analogy Wilmington Christina’s black students are “trapped” in failing schools, one must say the same about Red Clay.

The fallout from the Neighborhood School Act that leaned in favor of white students created de facto segregation in Wilmington. The issues at hand are race driven and we need to defuse de facto segregation. 

The best solution to defuse de facto segregation is addressing the flawed Choice school law. Transportation or lack of is a major hindrance for Wilmington’s children of poverty. The cost to add preferential Choice transportation for Wilmington children wishing to choice out of the city is far less complex than WEIC. Also, Wilmington’s middle and high school student should get preferential Choice seating over in district suburban students and their siblings. Changes in the Choice school laws adding preferential Choice transportation will ease de facto segregation.

As far a WEIC going forward! Lets be clear about one thing, Charter School of Wilmington has been leasing “unused” traditional school space at the old Wilmington High School. So if WEIC moves forward that space is now “needed” for Red Clay’s traditional city high school students. The Red Clay lease with CSW isn’t a 99 year lease. CSW needs to move!  Why build a new city high school when one is already in place! Furthermore, once Wilmington High returns , Dickinson and McKean will be way under capacity. We could combined both schools and move CAB into the other. This could help create a 6-12 traditional school configuration at Wilmington High School. As for those narrow minded people thinking current Christina city elementary students will be transferred to Red Clay suburban schools, you better think twice! It won’t happen!

Governor Markell held the door open for the Race to The Top, Common Core Standards and The Smarter Balanced Assessment Wall Street laced Trojan Horse that harms black students. So why trust this CAPITALIST with re-engineering public education for city kids under WEIC. Yea yea I know, all the stakeholders were at the WEIC table! But look who built the table! Jack Markell and some of his greenback seeking crew from Wilmington.  

The success of every child black, white and all shades is between starts with parents willing to engage and hold “their” child accountable as do our Asian parents!  Will Wilmington parents be more accountable with the Red Clay . Christina merger? Hell NO! 


OMG !! Another Delaware charter school ordered closed! The second one in two day!

Read about it here >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Delaware Met Charter Revoked By State Board of Education in 4-1 Vote

Breaking news !!! Mike Mathews has a heart :)

I was just talking to Kevin that pain in the ass blogger from downstate about Mike Mathews.

I’ve been blogging since 2006 and it wasn’t long after I hooked up with Mike Mathews. Mike was a bit of a new wave radical and said what he had to in his blogging.  But Mike moved on from blogging and my guess was he had to be a professional re: education. I understand, a young guy with a life ahead of him who needed to be careful as not to piss-off the Publius of the world or the penis head founders of Rodel! I’ll end the rants here!

Last night at the Red Clay school board meeting I observed Mike in action. I’ll admit sometimes I feel he is blowing smoke while sitting on the fence trying to appease both sides! Sometime I think he is a typical union guy all about serving the membership and their is nothing wrong with that. But don’t be tough and then be awl-stuck in the presence of Jack Markell. Markell is the worst Delaware Governor in history when it comes to education reform! He’s all about Jack and Wall Street and you can bet his stock portfolio is enriched with stocks related to education and technology related to education. So for the rant on pecker-head Markell! Back to Mike Mathews! When Mike addressed the Red Clay school board about his and others concerns about Red Clay’s screwed up inclusion plan transitioning I was like WOW! For the first time I can say, I FELT Mike’s passion! Though he has concerns related to the impact on teachers, he laid it out how damaging it is to children!   

I’ve leaned hard on Mike and sometimes unfairly but I see it as, reminding him people outside the box are looking in. I think we can all agree, Red Clay has a community of people will to stand up and speak out! And for many of us, its no about our kids but rather all children. Kilroy seems to be a hit when he goes with the grain but when he cut across it offending DSEA and unions, he’s isolated!

What I saw last night was Mike Mathews owning it! Merv nor the board can deny there are problems with the inclusion transition harming children and educators. Folks Red Clay is becoming a mess! The decent going on about Skyline and the decent with the inclusion transition is being exposed.

I can only hope when Mike Mathews becomes President of DSEA that he embraces his passion and keep the balance that will unite parents and teachers to demand accountability from central office and Dover. Teachers deserve good pay and benefit and I get it! But what parents and children need is leaders not making self-serving backdoor deals. Like with the Race To The Top MOU! RTTT was the catalyst that undermined traditional public education and set unhealthy Delaware state education regulations and laws in motion.

 Like I said, I call it as I see it! Mr. Mathews times off from being in the classroom and engaging in a way now other union leader has is refreshing! Seems like he is making is own assessment of Red Clay by peering in every classroom and engaging as many teachers as he can! So the teacher is taking time to learn!      

Warning shot fired at Red Clay School Board! There is financial pressure!


The message I heard during Red Clay admin financial /budget report  was concerns regarding financial pressure. It wasn’t a sounding of alarms but more like a coded message for the board to get their heads out of their asses.  

Many Christina students choice into Red Clay and as we know, Choice students bring local dollars from their districts. Bottom-line is, the cost of service levels per student in Red Clay exceeds the the local share of the money following students from Christina. So, Red Clay has to back-fill. This equation intensifies where we’re talking special needs. And OMG! Red Clay inclusion transition is costly because specialized services are spread across many more district schools. There is talk in the wind that the Red Clay school board will be faced with major pressure to raise the “tuition tax”. And we’re talking a significant increase!! No referendum required on this vote! The board has the  authority to raise this tax! 

When Red Clay gets stiffed with Christina’s high needs schools the financial bottom will fallout in Red Clay!  The “seed” money planned to help the transition isn’t sustainable funding. When Red Clay made the token WEIC vote as in, great plan we’re on board but show us the money before we’re fully on board! The F’ed up! What a bunch of cluster-fucks!  Mark my words, the level of quality education services Red Clay tries to provide and do provide in many cases will slip backwards.

Odd as it may sound, even with charter schools dropping like flies, the WEIC plan will create greater need for charter schools. Whereas many will be out of the expanded Red Clay district. WEIC plans  will restrict new charter schools within this expanded district.

During the onset of the desegregation in Delaware there was the “white flight” where many white parents sent their children to private schools.

When the charter school movement started allowing specific interest admission practices and 5 mile radius attendance zones we had the “bright flight”. Now Its kind a F’ed up seeing poor minority parents wanting to flee Christina and run into the arms of Red Clay. Back in the desegregation years, Red Clay was ground zero for opposing deseg. Red Clay started their charter school campaign to circumvent the deseg order! BUT STOP BEFORE I PISS OFF STEVE! The current generation of students and parents at this gem of a school are being victimized by the anti-charter movement. The “creators” of this charter school created it to appease the white status quo. Or was it, lets create a school for overachievers so that the social behaviors of the underclass don’t hold them back? Now don’t get me wrong, I am not pointing the finger at the current Red Clay board. But yea one old dog was a team-player.

I’ll end the rants and drifting off topic! But mark my words  , the level of quality education Red Clay tries to provide and do provide in many cases will slip backwards.

The financial pressure is growing under the weight of special needs services. Don’t get me wrong, I support special need students and services. What I am saying is, merging Christina city schools into Red Clay will create a super special ed school district whereas funding won’t effectively serve all and reduce the quality of services for all! And you can bet it will have a negative impact on “all students”.