Charter School of Wilmington’s CBOC stepping up to the plate


100 N. DuPont Road Wilmington, DE 19807 MONTHLY MEETING Board Meeting Minutes October 27, 2015

The Finance/CBOC Committee met on October 21st. Richard Riggs attended representing DDOE. There was a discussion at the meeting regarding reviewing PCard and other monthly financial transactions. It was agreed that the committee members receive a copy of the reconciled PCard statement and a copy of the State generated transaction report monthly for review.

Its not about mistrust! It about responsibility and transparency !

The law says this about CBOC: §1508.  Citizen Oversight of District Finances. “These committees shall have full access either electronically or in hard copy format to all financial documents and financial information in the possession of the school districts they are assigned to oversee, with redactions permitted only to protect confidential personal information regarding students or employees.” 

In a nut shell the board of directors cannot deny the CBOC’s request

Also make note, CSW posts draft copies of board minutes prior to next board meeting. 


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