Moving forward re: Skyline Middle School

I’ve been doing some back channel communicating regarding the concerns at Red Clay Skyline Middle Schools.

I’ve been pretty hard on some district administrators on the Skyline issue. Just so you know, I get frustrated when we blame the “system”. There is no system! There are people who are paid to lead. So unfortunately the King’s men get bitched-slapped for failures of the King. The changes in feeder-patterns at Skyline was the Kin’s doing! Kilroy understands we can’t expect assistant supers and building principals to come out and bash the King. Kilroy is pretty hard on Little Sammy and indeed I need to step-back. I guess spinning my wheels bitch-slapping Little Sammy is a waste of time. So call this a Kilroy Kodak moment. Little Sammy I am sorry for leaning on you too hard. Your job can be thankless. However, what I do can also be thankless! At the end of the day Red Clay is “our” community!  

I sat through the last board meeting and watched one by one Skyline parents step-up to the microphone and express their concerns to the board. I also watched district leaders and the Skyline principal defend their efforts to address the problems. The “fact” is the district is making efforts to address the problems and realizes it needs to freeze school Choice for Skyline.

So here is my recommendations! I know there is collaboration between Skyline parents and school /district administration. Certainly Skyline’s PTA should have an active role. What I think we need to see is a shoulder-to-shoulder monthly report to the board. Meaning parents selected to represent all  parents stand shoulder-to-shoulder with district administrators (Little Sammy in this case) and the school principal during the presentation to the board.  The solutions should come from the collaboration between the district, school and parents within Skyline. Skyline parents made their point loud and clear! So, they need to be at the table addressing the solution.

As far as my voice in this issue, the community has a responsibility to engage and lean on the district when they see concerns. Skyline’s mess was created by senior leadership in Red Clay including the school board. Red Clay is starting to come apart at it’s seams and OMG, the merger with Christina’s Wilmington schools and students will be too heavy. 

 We’re in the era of social media and the days of “its the system” for lame-ass excuses are over! So are the days off bashing the King’s men! I also feel in the case of Skyline,  I think its time for Merv to step around from the table and address the board from the public microphone! 


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  1. The only problem at Skyline is racism.


  2. lastDEconservative

    4:00pm on Sunday of Jimmy’s crack-of-dawn Odyssey Charter article, and it’s not up yet for the bashers to unite behind Kwacko? C’mon, man.

    What a series of juxtapositions, huh? Geo. Chambers set against Kwacko. Odyssey Charter School set against Delaware government. Demand to get in (to a good school) set against the demand for a way to get out (of any number of rotten schools) AND STAY OUT through 12. Proof that the idea of charters as laboratories for improvement set against the determination of so many to see them fail (now that success makes the creators look foolish).

    Again, we (the awake and the discerning) take note how success CAN occur, given a sufficient driving force (the estimable Mr. Chambers) IN SPITE OF the Leviathan, in this case represented by one of its best, Sir John of TalkNotWalko, Knighted Protector of Failure.


    • Publius e decere

      Odyssey CS is a good example of quality schooling, community leadership, supply meeting demand, and good old entrepreneurial pluck. It is an excellent counterpoint to the dystopian publicity-seeking hyperbole of the KPF who was clearly “falling apart” over the success and popularity of Odyssey.



    • Publius e decere

      It was an interesting feature article in Sunday’s paper. Most blog comments in response have been unexceptional. But there were a few gems in the midst of the rantings.

      Sez john kowalko: “I can name a dozen schools that are badly in need of repairs and improvements.”. OK, I’m game. Name them. All 12, please.

      Echoes from the excessive exception: “Some schools are literally falling apart”. OK, please name them. Without drafting in jk’s wake.

      In both cases, I think we can assume that the word “school” in these cries was meant as “school building”. If it is a broader concept of “school” failure please clarify.

      After these screamers name the specific school buildings they had in mind we can then examine the responsible districts for whether or not they have tried to raise their local share of funds to repair those school buildings, to improve them and to put them back together.

      Unless, of course, such hyperbole “falls apart” into disrepair.



    • “I can name a dozen schools that are badly in need of repairs and improvements.”
      “Some schools are literally falling apart”

      I’ll “See” the claims and “raise” them: What entity has been tasked with the management of these schools? Why would they not have used financial resources they were entrusted with to maintain their buildings which were theirs to maintain? Perhaps their misguided (incompetent) guidance and mis-allocation of funds was the root cause of the decay. Perhaps because they are “PUBLIC” buildings, the entities (and their handlers, supers, DOE, & legislators) have little personal investment or actual accountability. Yet Mr K would prefer to bemoan the effort by an in-demand school where the stakes are either; succeed and provide what the public wants or close.
      Have these “well run” and “efficient” TPS public entities along with Mr K been clear with the constituency and explained that they cannot proceed with the repairs or maintenance due to the extraordinary expense of satisfying the prevailing wage requirements? NO? Why not? Does the constituency understand these costs to maintain, renovate, or upgrade these facilities are DOUBLE or TRIPLE what it would cost other non-“TPS” facilities (i.e: charter schools)?


    • lastDEconservative

      I am near to weeping at the thought of a destroyer like Kwacko actually drawing an audience with such hyperbolic distractions. (Note to Pub, well played, the tweak about assuming the lot including Sir JoKo oNo means “buildings” when in reality “schools” writ large is more likely a Freudian slip that is clearly accurate). I have to remind myself that the dumbing down that allows someone like Kwacko to have ANY audience is a hundred years in the making (while he peacocks around believing that his message, or, God help us, his premiere delivery thereof, is the reason some few do listen to his blather, while drooling on themselves, but still).

      I don’t doubt that there are 12, if not 12 dozen school -buildings- in need of repair or some improvement as would be in accord with the annual spending of half a million dollars of M’s money EVERY YEAR per 900 sf classroom. How could they each not have gas fireplaces and marble top desks, radiant heat in the floors and lighting worthy of the newest FourBucks coffee shop? Why don’t the corridors react to each student’s presence ala Komrade Gates’s house? How? Why? As noted above, the reasons are many, but they all have in common the UNACCOUNTABLE stewardship (cough) of the denizens of the administrative leviathan, supported and enabled by the righteous elected.

      Hang in there George and the sundry other Greek fathers of Odyssey. Many of us are rooting for you. On behalf of the human race at large, accept our apologies for Jimmy Olsen and Sir Joko oNo.


    • Publius e decere

      Hair-hair, I’ll second that