Theo Gregory is thinking in the right direction re: Wilmington Edcuation

Education must be part of Wilmington’s solution to crime Delaware Voice Theo Gregory

The proposed Office of Education and Public Policy would focus on this broader need for the city to have a voice in education – and such engagement would institutionalize our city’s role in ensuring that our youngest residents receive a proper education and are afforded every opportunity to pursue their dreams and ambitions

You’re on to something Theo ! The reason the white parents tend to have it their way in Red Clay is because, they have VOICE. But I am here to tell you, moving more city kids under the control Red Clay is a big mistake. Wilmington needs it’s own high school and adequate middle school seats and Wilmington children need preferential Choice transportation with preferential Choice seating.  The agenda to reform public education to address the achievement gap between black and white students has shifted to a college readiness agenda that leans towards whites using funding meant for the disadvantage children. The NCLB Wavier allows such flexibility AND the wavier allows the state and district to disregard Title 1 Section 1118. That is why section is being eliminated in the NCLB rewrite. Section 1118 was the heart  and soul of Hicks Anderson movement! It gave Title 1 parents real voice at the table. Theo, where are the district and school level Title 1 PACs? They did away with them via some lame-ass white excuse. But it was because parent were gaining too much VOICE and district and DE DOE struggled to contain that VOICE.  Theo, what happen to the Delaware State Parent Advisory Board? THEO WHAT HAPPEN TO TITLE 1 VOICE? 


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  1. lastDEconservative

    The feckless Mr. Gregory also says, “In studying the 569 individuals involved in firearm crimes in Wilmington between 2009 and 2014, the CDC found that 327 received social services within an educational setting; … ”

    Of course, any “helping” agency he is party to creating will demand MORE such services, not less, yes?

    Even in black and white print, the average boobus Williamston resident won’t recognize the plain-as-day fact that 57% (that’s more than half) of the firearm toting criminals plying their trade in Williamston were graduates of “help” programs as defined by the feckless Mr. Gregory. This reader, suffering with an ability to discern, wonders at what level of “help” the feckless Mr. Gregory would be satisfied. If 80% of armed criminals got “help” within a school setting? 91.4%? All of them?

    He makes an extraordinary case for the logical suspension of ALL the “help” he and his ilk have incrementally insinuated into the public schooling (not education) system. Except to those most likely to suffer the most. The perversion is as laughable as it is deplorable.


  2. lastDEconservative

    This, and the tsunami of preening pieces like it (as Kwacko,, are like a train wreck. Gruesome as it is, it’s hard to turn away. This gem illustrates my being forced to continue through the wreckage of this one …

    ” … something for which I, along with my colleagues on the Wilmington Education Strategies Think Tank, have advocated.”

    Hold on. The WHAT? The WEST Tank? What? Where in the history of failed commissions, study groups, committees, and yes, think tanks, does this rotting corpse fall? What did it “accomplish” in its day? Is it still lumbering around, squandering resources, creating an illusion, upgrading resumes?

    KILROY!! Fill us in, great one.


    • lastDEconservative

      A THINK Tank, with respect to Wilmington Education. More like a dunk tank I suppose. I’m trying to laugh at the very idea, but I can’t get past the image of all the kids suffering for generations at the hands of buffoons like this guy.


  3. Publius e decere

    As a locally-famous business owner in Newark would have said: “Think, LDC … think!”



  4. Seen this proposal floated before. Will it gain traction this time?


  5. Theo Gregory is thinking “how can more of my friends and family get paid”