Why did Governor Markell Defund The Delaware Parent Advisory Council and eliminated it?

Under the charge and authority of the Delaware Department of Education, the Delaware State Parent Advisory Council (DSPAC) is a statewide organization of parents, fostering collaborative efforts with local school districts and communities sharing goals and focusing on student achievement and parental engagement.

The Council was originally founded by William “Hicks” Anderson in the 1970’s with the mission of providing Title I parents an opportunity to assume leadership roles and to have input into school Title I programs.

Over the years, the role of the Council evolved within the scope of Title I mandates and expanded to act as liaison between local school districts and the Department of Education to ensure compliance with Title I law as well as provide assistance to the state’s Department of Education for its Consolidated Application for Federal Funds.

DSPAC members participate on state committees and play an intricate role within the state’s Quality Review process, reviewing school improvement activities in local school districts.

With today’s changing educational environment, the mission and charge of DSPAC continues to evolve and align with new initiatives all targeting student achievement. Today, the DSPAC is inclusive to all parent groups and advocates on behalf of all students and parents throughout the state of Delaware, no longer exclusively representing Title I.

As we continue to embark upon our mission, we remain focused on our goal to have Delaware parent groups, school districts, local businesses, faith based and community organizations represented within our membership.

We invite you to join us as we work together to bring family involvement to the forefront of education. For more information, please contact our office at 302.722.7206 or visit our website: www.despac.org.

Our Mission

The purpose of the DSPAC is to strengthen the partnership between parents, local school districts and the Department of Education in order to enhance educational opportunities for all children in the state of Delaware

DSPAC used to be a powerful parent organization embraced by former Secretary of Education Valerie Woodruff and Governor Minner. Key parents were in the mix of things going on at DE DOE and were the first to weigh in on issues. DSPAC had a strong alliance with The National Coalition of Title 1 / Chapter 1 Parents .

Title 1 is the core of ESEA and the DSPAC’s beginnings was strictly for Title 1. However, as time when on DSPAC shifted to represent all programs within the Consolidated Grant: Title I, Part ATitle II, Part ATitle II, Part D , Title III, Part A , Title IV, Part A ,Title V, Part A ,Title VI Part B

Governor Markell knew the power of this group ant that they asked questioned and raised concerns about direction of education impacting those service by the Consolidated Grant and one of the first request in the NCLB Wavier was to side-step Title 1 Section 1118. Markell viewed Delaware PTA as his sounding board and mouthpiece. However, the PTA mission isn’t rooted in addressing the injustices of how the system puts black and poor children second. When DSPAC was kicked to the curb the Markell administration started to raid Title 1 and other federal funding shifting those funds toward his master education reformed plans. All his college to career agenda sounds wonderful. However, federal funds are being used to benefit all students, even the more affluent. 23.5% of all federal funding in Delaware goes towards administration. Then there is all the compliance such as required testing, another 33.4%. Title 1 classroom education materials are being charged off to federal funding like Title 1 whereas, normally state and district funds bear the expense. in the end less than 50% of funding goes toward “teachers and paraprofessionals”.

The DSPAC was the watchdog when it came to expenditures of Title 1 funding. “Years ago” before current administration,  Red Clay was busted for misallocations of federal funding. When I was a member of the DSPAC and Chairperson of Red Clay’s District Title 1 Parent Advisory Council, Red Clay was busted for rubber stamping parents’ names on the Consolidated Grant Application as participants in the grant committee.

The sad part about Markell’s disbanding of the DSPAC is the disrespect he shows towards civil right as it relates to public education and William Hicks Anderson. Hicks was the godfather of the movement for real meaningful involvement of parents in the plan and review of education programs serving children. I am blessed to have worked with many of his disciples when I was a member of the DSPAC and only wish I was involved when Hicks was alive. But sister Crosby touched me with his spirit and sister Gibson as amazing mentor providing me insight.

If black lives matter Governor Markell why have you silenced the DSPAC?  We know Jack! You want to make sure black parents are spoon-fed your white Wall Street education agenda. Well Jack, when the sun comes up early January 2017 when you ass is finally out of office the truth will be told. Valley Girl you better get your cover-story ready because you wouldn’t believe what was intercepted in the dumpster!    




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  1. The answer is that black lives do not matter. Period. If anyone still thinks they should, they need to become politically active. and fast.


  2. Because Gina Backus moved away from Delaware