Property Tax Reassessment only in Red Clay is unconstitutional

So to fund the wrong-headed merger of Christina School District’s city schools into Red Clay school district we’ll need to consider tax reassessment of Red Clay properties. But surely I not that stupid! I know we’re talking about New Castle County.

But why should taxpayer living in Appoquinimink help fund Red Clay? But surely I am not that stupid (Watch your step Publius). Surely Appo gets a bump in funding. 

Folks it comes down to this! We all know we keep pissing away money funding tradtional public schools in a formula that isn’t working. Its not a matter of money but rather how that money is spent. Local funding is being used to backfil the loss of Race to The Top funding and state budget cuts to the district. Overbloated adminstrative cost and consutling cost and OMG legal fees. Then their is all the bullshit travel.

The political leaders and the so-called civil rights leaders of Wilmington refuse to take respondsiblity of their community! And no wonder Wilmington is Murder Town U.S.A.! Wilmington school children are eqaully underserved by all districts. HOWEVER, we’re back to needs based funding. If that is the core issues moving students from one district to another does NOTHING! 

Those living in New Castle County following the news in regards to Wilmington city school children better wakeup! Property Tax Reassessment will include all of New Castle County resident and buisness property. This reassessment will be a three-year rolling reassesment. That means every three years properties will be subjective to reassessment.  

I am sorry to report, Red Clay board members are flirting with the wrong side of history and have agreed in principle to a plan if funding sources are found including reassesment ! The reality is, they never should of agreed in principle. They should have done their review and just said, we can’t come up with a plan that ensures the quality of all students will improve with such a merger and we feel the finanical pressures would be overwhelming. WRONG SIDE OF HISTORY KENNY!  


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