Just say it John Carney; U.S. shouldn’t receive fleeing Syrian cowards

Carney defends his vote for restrictions on refugees Jon Offredo, The News Journal

Carney told The News Journal on Wednesday that he would want to suspend the intake of military-aged single male refugees from Syria, but still allow women, children and families into the country. Combat-aged single men not attached to families make up about 2 percent of the almost 1,800 refugees admitted into the country, according to the U.S. State Department.

John Carney, we need to include able-body married men and fathers in that group of cowards fleeing Syria.

Seriously, don’t you think able-body men should defend their homeland and fight these terrorist? Why do we continue to send our fathers and son into “domestic conflicts” of other countires to to ensure their freedoms? 


4 responses to “Just say it John Carney; U.S. shouldn’t receive fleeing Syrian cowards

  1. 98% of the Syrians who have applied for refugee status in the US are NOT military-age men; they are women and children and the elderly. But don’t let facts stop a good rant.

    As for the old “young men should fight for their country” BS here are two actual facts to consider:

    1) How would they do this? Do you want them to join Bashir Assad’s now Russian-supported government troops that have a record of mass killings of civilians, including by chemical weapons? Or would you have them join the non-ISIS Syrian rebels, approximately 30% of whose ranks are now filled with Mujahadein (read “former Al Qaeda”) fighters that the US has more or less stopped supporting? In other words, what side is there for them to join?

    2) As for this BS about our sons and daughters volunteering, it’s just that. We have an all-volunteer force that composes far less than 1% of the military-age males (and less than .01% of the military-age females) in this country. While they are fighting the wrong wars in the Middle East their families and homes are about as secure as any on the planet. Syrian men with families face a totally destroyed country and constant threats that their families will be kidnapped, tortured, or killed. The mark of sanity is leaving that area with your family.

    And before we start the terrorist mantra, the US since 2001 has taken in 268,000 refugees of all sorts. Exactly three (3!) have been accused and convicted of plotting terror attacks, and all were caught before they did so. That means the rate of terrorism among refugees is about 1 in 88,000. The murder rate among our own citizens is about 1 in 22,000. The vetting process for Syrian refugees (only 1,854 have been brought to this country in the past four years and only 10,000 total are proposed by the end of 2016) lasts over 2 years, including three rounds scrutiny.

    America turned away Jews in the 1939, imprisoned our own Japanese-American citizens (and illegally confiscated their property) in 1942. These were cowardly decisions that are unbecoming of who we tell our kids and the rest of the world that we are, instead of following Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, and Marco Rubio down the path of registering Muslims (like some people used to want to register HIV patients) and tearing down mosques.


  2. 75% of these refugees are able bodied men. Hundreds of thousands could be trained and sent back into their country with their own fighting force backed by our air power. Do you think Americans would flee their country? These men are cowards looking for an easy way out. Save your propaganda for someone else because the majority of Americans see it the way I do.


  3. Julie–care to cite a source for 75% of refugees coming to America being able-bodied men? My source is the Washington Post, the UN High Commission on Refugees, and the US Department of Homeland Security. What’s yours?

    “These men are cowards.” Easy enough for you to say.

    “Hundreds of thousands could be trained and sent back into their country with their own fighting force backed by our air power.” Except that we aren’t backing the Syrian rebels any more, at least not the ones fighting Assad’s government. And we’ve stopped almost all the programs to arm and train them, primarily because former Al Qaeda operatives have integrated into the Syrian rebels. So who do you want them to fight with? Assad’s forces who are backed by the Russians and use chemical weapons on civilians? The rebels who include Al Qaeda operatives? Or Daesh itself? Those are currently the only choices, so c’mon, tell me where the “cowards” trying to get their families or even themselves out of a war zone, are supposed to sign up/

    Actually, cowardly governors and sniveling pants-shitters aside, most polls suggest that a majority of American actually favor assisting refugees. The rest, unfortunately, are listening to folks like you, who either don’t know what’s going on in Syria or the refugee process, or don’t actually care about facts.

    Question for you, Julie: should the US have put the Japanese-Americans in camps in World War 2 and sent Jewish refugees back into the Holocaust in Nazi Germany? Just checking.


  4. SNewton, “cowardly governors and sniveling pants-shitters aside”

    Taking a page out of Mr. Kowalko’s book of derogatory insults will only garner you a place at his table. Good for you if that’s who you want to be associated with, bad if you trying to make a valid argument.

    As for your “polls say” commentary, I’d beg to differ if even liberal Yahoo polls tell us Americans don’t want them to come here.

    As for “who” commits terrorist acts: odds are good religious affiliation makes a difference and the preponderance of evidence is that most terrorist attacks today are committed by those affiliated with different Muslim groups.:
    There is no reasonable way (even homeland security briefs tell us this) to identify (vet) some of these people. The records are not there. You can’t do a background checks through the Syrian government and our government has shown itself to be asinine when we strip search grandmas at the airport.

    Jews leaving Germany and elsewhere weren’t affiliated with terrorism and should have been granted entrance, the Syrians potentially are affiliated with terrorists and should not be granted entrance. The oriental people put in internment camps shouldn’t have been put there but Right Now, people from the middle east have the highest probability to be potential terrorists and if you want to ignore this fact, then go somewhere else and volunteer to help them. To invite them here is naive. I have sympathy for the plight of refugees but that does not give me the right or authority to put my fellow Americans at risk for a domestic threat. Erring on the side of caution is the responsible act, not erring on the side of generosity.

    8 people caused the Paris attacks. Not hundreds, not thousands. So citing percentages means little in comparison to the low percentage required to cause major loss of life.