Only one Skyline student feels unsafe! MY ASS

Combined Report (2)

The principal of Red Clay’s Skyline Middle School conducted a “student” survey and reports only one Skyline Students feels unsafe. That’s what was presented to the Red Clay school board last night and the board praised them for it! What fuck is a matter with this board! How is it with Skyline’s bullying representing 1/4 of all bullying in the district can make such a statement? 42 Offensive touching! WFT!

Kenny, you are in denial !! Merv shame on you! Cathy PLEASE DON’T ever consider practicing criminal law! The two clowns had you eating out of their hands! 

Hear it for yourself go to 30.00 on the sound file , this is where the bullshit is getting shoveled. 


3 responses to “Only one Skyline student feels unsafe! MY ASS

  1. A). You can’t believe any stats/info put out by the district

    B) what did the survey look like? Was it like “on a scale of 1-10 how safe do you feel? 1 being imminent death and 10 being coddled in your mommies arms suckling her teat”


  2. Concerned Parent

    Thank you for shedding the spotlight on the issues plaguing Skyline Middke School.