Red Clay Charter School Accountability Committee Recommends NO Renewal of DCPA’s Charter

It is recommended that the Red Clay Consolidated School District not renew the Charter for the Delaware College Preparatory Academy.

 DCPA has been on probation since 2012

 Enrollment concerns

 Financial concerns

 Academic concerns

 Compliance concerns

It’s time to end this charter school cat and mouse game! Red Clay has done their best with what they had to right this ship and it’s time to sink it.  Red Clay administrators lack the skill-sets to effective provide oversight to ensure DCPA serves children with high quality education services. Damn Red Clay adminstrators in charge of DCPA oversight couldn’t even get the school to post board meeting minutes in a timely manner.  



2 responses to “Red Clay Charter School Accountability Committee Recommends NO Renewal of DCPA’s Charter

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  2. Publius e decere

    Now now, Kilroy. The school has been its own worst enemy. Its litany of failures is unavoidable. The check-writing stuff was egregious and legend. Red Clay is to be recognized for its benevolence (giving the benefit of any and all doubts) in waiting this long to finally deiver the Tercio de Muerte. But let’s face it, the bull is doomed. Red Clay will do the obvious —- close it.

    It is a shame. The school should have reached out for expertise in its weak areas. And so should-have Red Clay. But it is what it is, set to close.

    Where will these Red Clay (including the WEIC Christina Downtown) students feed to? Or choice to? Given the inevitable march of the WEIC, maybe Red Clay should buy the DCPA building and convert it to a district-managed school. THAT would be a great case study in how to “undo” charters, or not.

    Nahhhhhhh. Red Clay will antiseptically decline the charter and the kids will disappear into the miasma oc Choice and Attendance Zones. The building will fall into receivership. Hunters will call it a clean kill.